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Leadership Team

Global Head of Services

Point of Engagement


Project Duration

18 months


Nokia is a Telecommunications leader and well-known established figure in the technology industry. Responsible for a huge range of Technology, Software and Services for global Mobile Operators.  Nokia has evolved into a world renowned brand in the delivery of critical cloud and infrastructure platforms that support customers across Public and Private Enterprise.

The Challenge

Nokia engaged to deliver a critical hiring program aligned with the creation of best-in-class global Cloud Design and Delivery Centres in 5 global locations – UK, Hungary, India, Singapore and North America.

The creation of these Centre’s would enable Nokia to host CxO’s and design teams from critical Mobile Operator customers.  This helped teams to jointly work together on next generation Cloud Infrastructure projects, helping to build long-term value for some of the world’s most innovative operators.

How we did it embedded a team of 5 Talent Success Managers each responsible for 1 international location.  Each TSM worked as a cohesive and embedded team to identify the most innovative cloud talent, proactively introducing the aims of the centre’s to exceptional yet passive cloud talent.   This included introducing the wider career prospects within Nokia and the career path open to talent that had not previously considered Nokia as a career choice.

The team were able to identity exceptional talent and then crucially continue to engage the most appropriate individuals over a 12 month time period.  This ensured that passive talent was continuously engaged by the innovative nature of the project and updates were made around skill requirements as the project needs evolved.

How does that look?

  • Roll out of x5 Cloud Design Centres ahead of expected timescale
  • Onboarding a team of 80 hires in 5 countries in under 12 months, capable of creating some of the world’s most complex Cloud Infrastructure
  • Helping to create customer engagement and reduce time to revenue with critical global customers
  • Delivering a critical project as a trusted partner which resulted in progressing to onboarding over 400 people to Nokia in over 40 countries

Why it works

  • Nokia trusted’s embedded model and engaged in partnership in order to more deeply transform their hiring methods
  • was able to meet the requirements of a mature company with a requirement to build a start-up business unit inside an established business
  • Accurate talent pool identification, shared international insight across the embedded team led Nokia to accelerate their time to market and stay ahead of competitive innovation