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From one disrupter to another was created to disrupt the process of hiring for technology scale-ups. We constantly see a need for faster, more accurate and an altogether better solution when it comes to international talent acquisition in the technology sector.


Our values

Intelligence is founded to professionally challenge established norms. We utilize our data-led intelligence to deliver quantifiable solutions to everyday hiring challenges in the technology sector. Although we are proud of our unique approach, intelligence is not always defined as knowledge and is often about asking the right questions of our clients at the right time.


We are confident in sharing our successes but also the challenges that are needed to be overcome in order to achieve shared goals. We always strive to be clear, honest and professionally critical both internally and externally.


Simply being client centric is not enough to create the outcomes that the world's most ambitious companies are striving for. is ambitious in disrupting how technology companies access and hire the world's most hard to find talent.

Our mission
A more efficient way of hiring great people exists to bring ambitious companies together with exceptional people. We are on a mission to democratise the talent acquisition process by connecting growing organisations with the right talent no matter where they're based.

For fast-scaling companies, operating efficiently is extremely important, and we believe that it starts with how you acquire talent.

At we help you attract, engage, and hire the best people remotely or in-country-wherever they are in the world. We embed ourselves directly in your business, working hand in hand to review and improve your talent acquisition strategies.

This approach, plus our global reach and expansion experience, helps you meet your growth targets to scale and succeed
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You guys rock, the best I have ever worked with.
Dan Tesjnak
VP International, Degreed
I love the way you presented Traefik.
Adrien Martinet
Head of Sales, Traefik helps us create opportunity for exceptional talent wherever they are located.
Filipa Matos
VP International Expansion, helped Ruckus grow internationally from the very beginning, 160 overseas hires in over 30 countries.
Seline Lowe
CEO, Ruckus Wireless
I look at in the same way as we look at our customers, it is a partnership.
Giri Iyer
VP Global Customer Support and Success, Rubrik