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A strong Talent Brand transforms your recruitment process. Help attract and retain the best people for your business by telling your story and showcasing your values and vision to prospective employees.

Why your employer brand is crucial
Your business has an identity that makes it a unique place to work. Showcasing your employer brand effectively can help give prospective talent an insight into your world and help them decide if the opportunity you’re offering is right for them.
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We see these journeys as an inspiration, offering insights to other founders, startups and innovators.
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Win the war for talent
Our Brand Showcase enables you to create and promote content that sells your vision, highlights insights into your company and presents your unique story in a way that resonates with great talent.
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What we build to help amplify your story
What we build to help amplify your story
When talent is engaged in your business and is aligned with what you represent, selling yourself as a great place to work becomes much easier. We put together all the components to make this happen.
Brand showcase
Presenting an insider’s look at your company. From company values, remote or office life, to employment benefits and employee activities. Along with regularly updated career opportunities.
Leadership engagement
We believe that top talent is most heavily influenced by a company’s values, its culture and the forward-thinking strategy of the business. We help showcase your business leaders who embody your values and beliefs and enable them to deliver their unique message.
Great candidate experiences
Every interaction is a chance to leave a positive impression. We help create delightful experiences for prospective employees. From initial engagement to successful onboarding, we ensure your story is told in the right way.
Clarity above the noise
We help you define what sets you apart as an employer. This goes beyond the salary and benefits you’re offering and focuses on the tangible and intangible. A strong value proposition told in the right way compels the best talent.
Your employer brand can set you apart
Brand reputation

84% of job seekers say the reputation of a company as an employer is important when deciding where to work. Your brand can help you land and keep top industry talent.

Company values

Real opportunity for growth begins with your company culture. We help amplify your shared values to attract and retain great hires.

Brand consistency

Companies that focus on maintaining brand consistency across all channels take critical growth advantage over competitors who fail to deliver this critical message externally.

Authentic messaging engages exceptional talent
See how differentiates themselves by showcasing their unique employer brand and why the best talent should join.
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You guys rock, the best I have ever worked with.
Dan Tesjnak
VP International, Degreed
I love the way you presented Traefik.
Adrien Martinet
Head of Sales, Traefik helps us create opportunity for exceptional talent wherever they are located.
Filipa Matos
VP International Expansion, helped Ruckus grow internationally from the very beginning, 160 overseas hires in over 30 countries.
Seline Lowe
CEO, Ruckus Wireless
I look at in the same way as we look at our customers, it is a partnership.
Giri Iyer
VP Global Customer Support and Success, Rubrik