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The cheat-code for intelligent growth

Our bespoke talent intelligence, sources millions of separate global data points to identify the talent your scale up needs now and in the future.

Accessing this pool of often hidden, passive talent, enables our clients to break through classically reactive hiring strategies and embrace a proactive approach unique to your individual scale-up needs.

Pinpoint passive talent
The people that can make a real difference to your business are likely already engaged in the technology sector working for similar organisations around the world. Our data tracks these individuals and segments them into talent pools based on specific skillsets and expertise.
Pinpoint passive talent
Track and engage talent delivers pre-mapped data sets helping clients track and engage talent with the critical skills needed to scale your business. Utilising our data-led approach to identify the most appropriate talent for your growth needs allows you to get ahead of your competition.
Unique need, requires unique talent
We provide external talent data. Whether your team requires insight on Robotics Engineers globally, Generative AI practitioners in France, Software sales executives from diverse backgrounds in NYC or Data Scientists in Delhi we have the talent insights your team needs to make wholly informed scaling and hiring decisions.

Whether hiring 1 or 100 team members, is the go to resource for external talent data.
Talent pipelining & mapping for scaling technology companies
Regardless of whether you are hiring remote, hybrid or location specific, understanding the external talent data in areas of strategic importance to your business is often transformative.

Our clients utilise talent pipelining and mapping to combat talent scarcity, solve diversity challenges, deliver nurture campaigns to optimal external talent, seamlessly plan and execute new market entries, succession plan leadership hiring and further enhance employer branding.
Access a hidden talent pool
Open a whole world of talent you may not have known even existed or was previously out of reach and make the best hiring decisions for your business.
Supercharge your talent strategy and reducing recruitment spend
For fast-scaling companies capital expenditure is critical. Hiring an in-house talent function while also paying incremental recruitment fees to third party agencies quickly spirals and ends in significant over-spend. We provide the data that provides talent teams super powers to drive candidate engagement and help significantly reduce or completely eliminate Agency spend.
Stay a step ahead of the competition
Whether it’s a global talent map of graduate propulsion engineers or a talent pipeline for a new technology centre of competence in Vancouver, we deliver constantly evolving, client unique talent pools based on your specific technology stack.

We track and update this data, meaning your business is always ahead of the market when it comes to engaging the most appropriate talent.
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