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Four pillars to faster, better, more successful hiring

Work with us and benefit from our tried and tested method that ensures technology companies accomplish their scale-up ambitions. See our four pillars for success:

pillar 01
Embedded talent acquisition
By embedding our talent success managers into your team, we supercharge the way you hire. Either in your office or engaged as part of a remote/hybrid setup, we add technology scale-up expertise into the fabric of your business.
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pillar 02
Evolve your hiring process at a fixed cost
We analyse and improve your existing practices. Assessing your end-to-end process allows us to see what’s working, what’s not, and how your talent acquisition strategy can be optimised.
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pillar 03
AI-powered platform that identifies and tracks the talent you need
Talent Success Managers use our proprietary platform to continuously identify and map specific talent skillsets. Whether you need exceptional software engineers, successful sales professionals or dynamic growth marketeers, our platform is continuously searching and assessing skills and relevance.
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pillar 04
Elevate your Talent Brand
We elevate your vision through our talent showcase demonstrating the qualities of your business to the talent you wish to engage by creating a talent-first marketing approach. We co-create and deliver content related to your company values, culture and leadership.
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Why partner with us
Reduce expansion costs

Our embedded talent acquisition model significantly removes reliance on Recruitment Agencies and reduces costs by up to 100%.

Scale faster

Using experts to find the best talent for you, no matter where they are in the world, allows you to hit your growth goals faster.

Increase diversity

Diversity makes you a better business, with more ideas, a broader range of cultural experiences and skills available to solve your challenges.

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Pioneer in remote working, partnered with to achieve hyper-growth across 40 countries.
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You guys rock, the best I have ever worked with.
Dan Tesjnak
VP International, Degreed
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Adrien Martinet
Head of Sales, Traefik helps us create opportunity for exceptional talent wherever they are located.
Filipa Matos
VP International Expansion, helped Ruckus grow internationally from the very beginning, 160 overseas hires in over 30 countries.
Seline Lowe
CEO, Ruckus Wireless
I look at in the same way as we look at our customers, it is a partnership.
Giri Iyer
VP Global Customer Support and Success, Rubrik