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Our talent success managers become members of your team, committed to improving your hiring strategy and helping you reach your scale-up goals. We fit smoothly into your company culture and combine your tools and systems with our platform to improve your processes and ensure success.

We already have an inhouse recruiter. Why do we need

We’re scale-up experts who complement your team

Our talent success managers are specifically chosen, based on your requirements and your scale-up goals. We are you: we use your tools, language, and way of working, combined with our platform and expertise to help your hiring processes work more cohesively.

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Take advantage of the remote working opportunity

Our talent success managers have hired awesome talent in 120 cities across 80 countries. Democratise talent, hire the best person regardless of location and add more diversity to your workforce.

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We are struggling to scale quickly enough.

Increase brand awareness within the passive talent pool

Become an employer of choice by constantly improving your employee value proposition. Let our experience and expertise help you attract the talent you need.

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We’re struggling to fill roles from our network and advertising. What’s your advice?

Access a wider talent pool

Our talent success managers have access to our constantly updating talent intelligence platform, which provides insights to help you engage the whole of the talent market, scale faster and meet diversity and inclusion targets.

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Partner with us to
Build a more efficient talent strategy

Embedded talent acquisition reduces time to hire and cost to hire whilst simultaneously improving candidate experience and employer branding.

Fuel hiring performance with better collaboration

Our embedded talent success managers work in your team to improve processes, access a wider talent pool and help you make better hiring decisions.

Your brand showcase sets you apart

Your company culture is a significant selling point for the talent you hope to attract. Work with us to present your unique values in an engaging way.

Remote-first, seed-funded company embed to supercharge growth
Lokalise, a fully remote company based in Riga, partnered with and utilised our expertise to grow to 125 people across 25 countries.
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You guys rock, the best I have ever worked with.
Dan Tesjnak
VP International, Degreed
I love the way you presented Traefik.
Adrien Martinet
Head of Sales, Traefik helps us create opportunity for exceptional talent wherever they are located.
Filipa Matos
VP International Expansion, helped Ruckus grow internationally from the very beginning, 160 overseas hires in over 30 countries.
Seline Lowe
CEO, Ruckus Wireless
I look at in the same way as we look at our customers, it is a partnership.
Giri Iyer
VP Global Customer Support and Success, Rubrik