ISACA, is the leading global professional association that advances individuals and organizations in their pursuit of digital trust

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David Samuelson

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Continuous learning is going to be key in building sustainable enterprises in the coming years. Teams will need to stay update and certified in various fields and technology and processes advance. ISACA empowers people to use technology to its truest potential and boost their own enterprises through the knowledge gained.

Thanks to their commitment to both learning and innovation the association has a more than 100,000 members spanning over 188 countries. With plans to expand even further they needed a knowledgeable partner to help them scale-up, identifying the right talent to achieve their goals.

The Challenge

To keep growing strong and expand their international presence, hiring full-time talent to commercial and operational roles.

ISACA main challenge is to create sales team to reach out and offer enterprise level solution for training, credential and certification programs. Engaging with experienced and reliable sales representatives. has successfully helped companies build experienced sale teams with a rapid scale-up mentality, in diverse location, and with a strong drive for expansion. Making this a certified winning partnership on both sides!

How it works

ISACA receives the best growth support from through our dedicated Talent Success Managers, these talent intelligence professional get to know ISACA and are the best recruitment drives for the project goals. Having a clear vision of the company’s core values and goals.

After the embedded team has gained the insights necessary for delivering and attracting the right talent profile, they begin identifying talent hubs and connecting with top sales professionals. also create a highlight of ISACA’s work culture, values and mission in order to share with potential candidates. Giving the company content to share in future talent searches.

Why it works

  • ISACA needs international talent and is focused on building commercial and operational temas quickly
  • has extensive experience with identifying talent hubs in diverse locations
  • The embedded model of talent identification is a perfect fit for international team building and attracting top talent
  • Support provided by is continuous and creates a improvement in overall talent practices

What are we doing?

Offering an end to end talent identification and onboarding solution becoming part of the companies internal process, providing insights for identifying localized talent and helping ISACA continue international expansion through building a strong, experienced sales force.