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Ruckus provide smart Wi-Fi and Wireless Access Points to Large Enterprises, Public Authorities, Retail and Hospitality Sectors.

Sequoia Capital, Sutter Hill Ventures, Telus


Selina Lo

Point of Engagement

Series C

Project Duration

4 years


Lokalise is a global leader in provRuckus is one of the leading providers of smart Wi-Fi and Wireless Access Points for SME, Public Sector and Enterprise customers. is proud to have worked through various phases of maturity with Ruckus from Series A to IPO and then to acquisition two years later.

During these phases of maturity the organisation hired in excess of 300 people as a direct result of our partnership in over 40 different countries.

The Challenge

Ruckus needed to build a brand in numerous international markets and was prepared to do so, harnessing a growth strategy that was truly an early adopter of remote-first hiring principles. was tasked to identify remote, qualified, global talent in significant volume, in particularly those that could thrive in a fast-paced environment and would add value to commercial processes that could help achieve the growth of the business in the locations selected.

The process needed to be all-encompassing and long-term to cover the demands of a company transforming from Series A start up to IPO in 6 years. successfully established Ruckus’s presence in new parts of the world and continuously expanded its presence into new territories.

How we did it

We believed early in the value of immersing our people in the teams we are building. Enabling us to gain high-quality insights and to improve hiring from the inside.

Using talent intelligence and experience in global talent hubs we were able to identify executives that had the contacts and capability necessary to build Ruckus in numerous international locations. Our process evolved so that we would source great talent in new locations whilst the organisation was onboarding others from projects recently completed.  This enabled Ruckus to be professionally faster than direct competitors and enabled them to speed up time to revenue globally.

How does that look?

  • Over 300 new Ruckus team members were identified and onboarded
  • located people in over 40 new locations and expanded the Ruckus structure throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America
  • Accelerating hiring demands from Series A to company exit

Why it works

  • Clear understanding of the challenges faced by a fast-growing company, motivated to establish a global presence and stay on track with revenue growth targets
  • created an ideal solution for companies on an accelerated scale-up track, using immersion in the hiring process to make a deep, long lasting impact on hiring
  • Remote and international hiring is an important part of values, practices, and expertise