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Global Leader in Banking Software for Retail and Core Banking Sector clients.  Temenos employ 3,000 people globally with customers in over 70 countries.

Jayde Tipper

Point of Engagement

Episode 1, Maersk Maturity / Post IPO

Project Duration

4 months


Temenos are the Banking software company.  Known for delivering on-premise and Cloud Banking platforms to both well established institutions as well as fast growth challenger brands.

In an increasingly competitive hiring market, Temenos looked for a partner that could help attract talent they need in order to keep ahead of extremely well funded Fintech competitors.

After a 24-month hiring program where numerous “traditional” hiring methodologies were unsuccessful, Temenos partnered with talent.ai to bring impactful change to their hiring process.

The Challenge

talent.ai and our embedded Talent Success Manager were challenged to build a new European Pre Sales function that could continue to deliver exceptional customer care and continue to evolve client relationships.

The talent success team also made numerous recommended changes to ensure that the hiring process was improved and that Temenos evolved into an employer brand capable of holding its own against other fintech players looking to hire similar talent.

They recognized talent.ai as a partner that had mastered remote hiring, building global teams, and working with fast-growing demands.

How we did it

Working directly with Temenos helped talent.ai create a new way of approaching the hiring process. Much of this approach was focused around presenting Temenos in a clearer way to passive talent as well as creating a more cohesive interview process.

How does that look?

  • Creation of international pre-sales function, hiring 15 people in 7 different countries over a 6 month time frame
  • Building exceptionally detailed talent pools and creating a strategy to vastly improve the engagement of this talent on an ongoing basis
  • A renewed hiring process and lasting improvements in their competitive positioning as an employer in the industry

Why it works

  • Temenos needed a revolutionary process, that worked from the inside to accentuate in their employer brand and then prepare them to compete for great talent
  • talent.ai’s embedded and bespoke model is a tool for impactful change beyond hiring to specific needs. talent.ai enables an organization to transform the way it is viewed by external talent on an ongoing basis