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Lokalise is a global leader in providing real-time translation solutions for major global brands, app developers and software companies.

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Nick Ustinov

Point of Engagement

Series A ($7 Million)

Project Duration

14 months


Lokalise is a global leader in providing real-time translation solutions for major global brands, app developers, and software companies.

An ambitious company, motivated to evolve into a geographically diverse international organisation which has exceptional technology but is also an amazing place to work.

All of this falls in line with their trajectory of growth as a Series A-B company. Being able to keep attracting talent to meet hiring needs and identify exceptional talent all over the world.

The Challenge

Lokalise approached talent.ai as they wanted to expand their organisation outside of existing borders and diversify their teams. They wanted to grow, work and reach beyond their original location in North East Europe.

Getting a diverse workforce in place would allow Lokalise to grow revenue, but also add an influx of creative input from all over the world with less focus on competing for local talent.

They recognized talent.ai as a partner that had mastered remote hiring, building global teams, and working with fast-growing demands.

How we did it

By embedding talent.ai team members within Lokalise meant that they had an embedded Talent Success Manager to guide them each step of the way, someone who immersed themselves in Lokalise work culture and could identify great talent more easily.

Working directly with Lokalise team members was centric to meeting combined goals, which included making significant improvements to the hiring process and the building of a competitive employer brand for Lokalise in the Technology market.

How does that look?

  • Diversity – Hires were made in 28 different countries spanning 3 continents
  • Growth – Over 75 hires onboarded including leadership, marketing and a world-class software development team of over 50 people built inside 12 months
  • Remote – A team from all over the world working together in a cohesive manner enabling organisational growth

Proving the success of the partnership has been secondary to cementing the kind of employer brand Lokalise set out to achieve when talent.ai was initially engaged. A company that is committed to building a remote-first hiring brand from scratch should always be prepared to evolve its process on the way to achieving its scale-up goals.

Why it works

  • Lokalise set ambitious scale-up goals that combined diversity and global growth
  • talent.ai understood the needs and hiring pace of companies between series A – B
  • Building remote employer brands and processes are part of our DNA
  • We understand the importance of diversity and the value of a global team