Disruptive UK based fast-growth player in the E-Commerce and fulfilment sector.

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Martin Bysh

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People hate waiting for packages and having to deal with robots instead of people, simple as that. Huboo has come up with a straightforward solution, specialized micro-warehouses with personal care as standard.

Thanks to this valuable idea they are growing fast across multiple countries around the world.  With plans to open physical centers in different countries, they needed an experienced partner to help them identify the right talent in different locations simultaneously.

The Challenge

Huboo’s main challenge is to build the ideal teams for location-based centers first in Germany and then in France with the type of like-minded talent that can help engage new e-tailer customers with their innovative service. has delivered numerous success stories working with client partners to deliver centre’s of competence and talent hubs in locations all over the world.  This makes the partnership with Huboo a perfect delivery for us!

How it works

Huboo receives consistent growth support from in the form of dedicated Talent Success Managers, who have a clear vision of the company’s growth needs.

Over time we like to think our team evolve into becoming Huboo team members themselves and take personal responsibility for the hiring success of the critical locations where Huboo is opening operations. also advise Huboo on location-centric talent insight helping to identify locations where the organisation is best to situate in order to hire leadership and commercial teams.

Why it works

  • Hubbo needs location based talent and is focused on building in-country teams quickly
  • has extensive experience with identifying talent hubs in diverse locations
  • The embedded model of talent identification is a perfect fit for fast growing series A companies
  • Support provided by is continuous and has adapted from a first project in Germany to building additional international locations including France

What are we doing?

Offering an end to end talent identification and onboarding solution becoming part of the companies internal process, providing insights for identifying localized talent and helping expand projects at the pace needed for a successful growth brand like Huboo.