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Job Van Der Voort

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Project Duration

12 months


Remote is now one of the most recognised names involved in the remote working revolution. The company has helped evolve the way that so many technology companies use to grow and expand around the world.

The organisation has experienced an incredibly rapid growth rate, expanding across borders, with its own talent needs evolving very quickly. Remote scaled from Series A to C in less than 18 months, with the business raising close to $500 Million in the process.  Testament to the fast adoption of its solutions and the cementing of the Remote work revolution.

The Challenge

With Remote scaling fast, the company needed to access talent, capable of working autonomously.  Whilst at the same time delivering the Remote solutions platform and delighting their expanding customer base. 

Remote needed to build competence in HR, Operations, Legal, Marketing, Sales, Services and Leadership.  Execution of this end to end expansion strategy, enabled the company to transition from Series A to B so quickly.

Remote found in a like-minded partner with a track record of building remote first teams for fast-growing SaaS companies.  A perfect fit for a company looking to execute on its own multi-faceted, multi-location hiring needs.

How we did it

Building relationships with leadership in order to fully understand the profile and culture fit to the company.  This enabled us to create a hiring strategy designed to include the pipelining of both reactive and passive talent.   Paramount to our combined effort was the delivery of access to talent capable of transforming a business at an early stage.

Leading this process was a team of embedded Talent Success Manager’s each responsible for articulating Remote’s values and culture.  Working in a seamless way and ultimately being a part of the Remote team, we were able to identify top talent across numerous responsibilities and skill sets.

Thanks to the integration achieved by the talent team within Remote, enabled the onboarding of leadership, marketing and support team members from all over the world.

How we did it

  • Remote first always – Hiring top talent from at least 30 different countries, globally.
  • Team building at pace – Working with, helped Remote to double in size, onboarding leadership, marketing, sales, support, legal and HR team members all over the world in less than 12 months.
  • IImpactful process – Enabling Remote to evolve its employee brand through the proactive delivery of quality messaging in each individual outreach.

Why it works

  • Remote needed a partner that understands and was capable of remote first hiring at a consistently fast pace.
  • utilised our unique talent intelligence in diverse talent hubs all over the world in order to deliver on the fast growth expectations of Remote.