Early-stage vendor delivering serverless Postgres built for the Cloud.



Nikita Shamgunov

Point of Engagement


Project Duration

3 months


Neon is a fast-growing serverless Postgres vendor that is evolving to become the “One-Click destination for developers, to store data when building critical applications.”

The company has received a $30 million Series-A investment and is now entering into a critical expansion and growth phase which requires a special type of hiring partner. is engaging in critical leadership hiring with Neon whilst creating the foundation of a long-lasting relationship with the organization.  We have been selected by Neon due to our success in the delivery of other remote-first team roll-outs on behalf of other SaaS vendors.

The Challenge

Central to Neon’s goal is to hire key leadership executives that will set foundations in both technical and commercial areas accelerating both product and commercial maturity.

Motivated to utilize a partner that was committed to – and experienced in – delivering remote-first hiring projects. Neon works with because of our track record of attracting talent from all over the world and ability to articulate our clients proposition to passive talent.

With the project having important long-term outcomes for the business, and Neon work jointly to identify possible leadership talent, hire consciously and make a real impact on Neon’s hiring practices, helping to evolve their talent brand.

How it works

To help achieve goals we embed a Talent Success Manager, who manages and strengthens the talent identification process from the inside. Becoming part of the team’s culture leads is far more immersive and enables to learn from the inside how we can drive the organisation to success.

Having our team members welcomed by Neon gives us a clearer insight into ideal talent fit, and helps identify exceptional talent from all over the world.

Why it works

  • Neon has incredible potential for growth but needs to identify highly specific technical talent, remote-first to realize their ambitions
  • has unique adaptability in working with companies pre-launch and remote-first
  • We help shape employer branding and look to create improvements to the interview and hiring process.

What are we doing? is continuing to help Neon identify transformational talent to their team, build employer brand resources, and much more!