Databook is the world’s first AI-powered enterprise customer intelligence platform.

Threshold Ventures, Haystack, M12 Microsoft, Salesforce Ventures


Anand Shah

Point of Engagement

Series A ($16 Million)

Project Duration



Databook is on an accelerated trajectory of expansion post a recent $50 million Series B investment round.  Positioning itself as the world’s first AI-powered enterprise customer intelligence platform, Databook understands the value of exceptional talent intelligence.

Databook delivers smarter insights and efficiency for their clients and expect the same from their partners, which is why they choose to build a global team that is responsive, creative, and engaged.

The Challenge

To create a remote-first team with a focus on technical talent and sales hiring that would accelerate the organisations growth both in Europe and North America.

Databook needs a hiring partner that represents a strong representation of its company values and one that it can rely on to identify top talent in both international and North American markets.

How it works’s embedded Talent Success Managers, learn the organizational culture from inside the business, accelerating mutual understanding of goals and hiring objectives. Through this model has accelerated the engagement of exceptional international passive talent.

Why it works

  • Databook needs to create strong remote first global teams that are able to delight customers
  • is committed and experienced in creating amazing remote teams
  • Embedded Talent Success Manager’s are continuing to build both Sales and Technical teams

What are we doing?

Offer constant support and embedded talent resources that run hand in hand with the accelerated growth expected from Databook. Building remote first teams that are cohesive and share common goals.