The #1 collaborative planning app for fast-growing SaaS and live games companies.

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Patric Palm

Point of Engagement

Seed ($4.6 Million)

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Although operating in the gaming industry, Favro is not here to play. They have become #1 in their market, as the top collaborative planning app for fast-growing SaaS and live games companies in just a few years. That type of evolution requires consistent talent onboarding and efficient talent hiring solutions.

Favro takes their talent search seriously and chose talent.ai through the recommendation of one of the organisations key investors. As a company on the way to great things they knew better than to play with their talent needs.

The Challenge

Favro is creating a location-specific center of operations after identifying a talent hub in Vilnius, Lithuania.  The company wanted to be confident in working with the right type of hiring partner to identify top talent in a diverse location. Favro is motivated to grow the organisation in a number of different areas, including sales and software development functions.

Enter talent.ai, a partner that is an expert at location hub talent selection, identifying great team-building opportunities through our embedded team. An experienced partner that via the critical understanding of their needs, could identify the talent to integrate and scale the business.

With the project having important long-term outcomes for the business, talent.ai and Neon work jointly to identify possible leadership talent, hire consciously and make a real impact on Neon’s hiring practices, helping to evolve their talent brand.

How it works

talent.ai strives to become an integral part of every growth team, so our embedded model can work seamlessly.  Working from the inside to identify great talent in a chosen international location, and to have a positive impact on the organisation’s hiring culture.

The goal is to attract talent who will enhance the Vilnius location. Making Favro stand out in their selected talent hub while creating teams that have great chemistry and capability for growth.

Why it works

  • Favro needs to attract and create a diverse team in Vilnius Lithuania
  • talent.ai is an expert partner in enabling companies differentiate themselves in specific locations
  • An integrated Talent Success Manager can work with better insights and create a lasting positive impact hiring for Favro
  • This type of long-term ongoing team building is centric to why Favro choses talent.ai

What are we doing?

No games, (well maybe some) but just long-term hiring solutions and brand building. Creating efficient hiring practices and an employer brand that will help Favro identify the talent needed to achieve their goals.