we are turning our attention to the talent growth trends of 2023 that will determine this new year
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Top talent growth trends of 2023
Smart growth and talent intelligence lead the talent growth trends in 2023.
Mary Superlano

Happy New Year! We said goodbye to 2022 just a few days ago and already we are turning our attention to the talent growth trends of 2023 that will determine this new year. Last year we experienced a flurry of movement, investment, innovation and instability that will carry on to 2023.

No one could have predicted events like the Ukraine conflict and the deep impact they would have on European and global tech markets. The effects of which we are still feeling now, how can the tech ecosystem grow in its aftermath and what are the key elements to succeeding in the current landscape? We’ll let you in on our predictions

These talent growth trends are the results of a tech and startup market that has changed profoundly, while still remaining active and recuperating its rhythm. That being said, the first few months of 2023 will most likely be tough and marked by caution. 

Growth opportunities, investment and the chance for great ideas to make it big are still there, the path to the top has had some alterations. You will most likely notice the lack of the bravado and number-focused headcount growth that has been common in tech for so long, welcome the age of smart growth!

Concise and mighty 

Startups have been successful in getting ideas off the ground, gathering attention and investment with small teams since the beginning of the tech boom. Because the scrappy and resourceful way of building is sometimes the only way to go. This will also be true for 2023. 

Companies that get Pre Seed, Seed and early-stage investments will for sure grow their teams but the selection process will be more precise and focused. There is little room for hiring and then figuring out your true needs. Choosing efficient scale-up strategies will be key to making every addition count. 

Smart hiring over headcount 

It is amazing to announce that you tripled your teams but more devastating to cut 20% of your staff later on. Smart onboarding needs to guide every hiring decision made in 2023 for scale-ups. 

Your department heads with company leadership will need to join efforts to determine the right numbers, a thought-out plan of talent needed and how to reach goals with those parameters. 

We are turning our attention to the talent growth trends of 2023 that will determine this new year

Funding for the future 

Funding is going to be one of the most complex parts of 2023. The investment sentiment at the moment remains cautious but not closed off. So, you can still get funding for your company but be prepared to see lower figures and more reassurance needed from VCs. 

Talent acquisition will be a huge part of this. You can more confidently appease investors if you show a controlled, throughout hiring plan than if you have no strategy on this front.

Show investors what you plan to do with the money they will give you. Make sure they understand that every new team member is part of the building blocks for your success, not a vanity addition. 

Embedded, remote and global

Recruitment has changed like most things in the tech industry. There are now more options, freedom and competition than ever before. Choosing the right tools, and approach can help you come out with the best talent. 

If you don’t want to build a bigger hiring team or can’t permanently expand your current one, you can still think and hire for scaling up. Embedded recruiters allow you to focus on growth and conquer new talent niches. Talent experts join your team, become part of your culture and create better matches than regular recruitment services. 

Hiring remotely and globally is here to stay, and it’s more prevalent in tech than in any other industry. Embracing remote work and creating the right culture around it will set you up to attract the best tech talent, plus you will be able to expand borders and engage with talent hubs globally. 

Guarding your culture  

Culture guarding is about keeping the secret to your success even when growing. This means that any new onboarding is carefully selected to match the internal workflow. Having a culture match is a way of making integration easier and preventing future conflicts. 

If your candidate profiles look only at hard skills and your interviews are only technical then you are missing a huge portion of what constitutes a great hire. Having the right attitude and temperament are game changers in startups. 

Find the key elements of your culture, be transparent with candidates about what to expect and you will be able to find talent that ticks the checklist. 

Hiring in a downturn 

One of the hardest things you may find yourself doing this year is hiring in a downturn or posting jobs when layoffs are occurring, there is no easy way to handle this but you might need to. Be transparent, mature and empathetic. 

Talent acquisition determines your growth 

Talent, especially the right one, is a driving force for innovation, reaching goals and scaling up. So, you need to pay attention to how you hire, who you hire and when you hire. Creating the right hiring culture will lead to teams being fortified, your money going to the right places and growth!

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