Talent acquisition strategy - steps to success
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Improving your talent acquisition strategy with a holistic approach
Attract the right type of talent and create the type of hiring culture that drives growth
Tim Hosking

The post-pandemic mass exodus of employees, also known as The Great Resignation or The Big Quit and new phenomenons like Quiet Quitting, has left many companies scrambling to adapt when facing a talent crisis. With workers downing tools/keyboards at record rates, technology companies are now trying to find a more focused and effective approach to talent acquisition strategy.  

The pandemic showed employees just how important they are to business owners, and now businesses need to reflect this worth in their HR approach. Not only for current employees, but also those who are looking for a new role within your business. In order to do this however, you need to attract the right talent in the first place.  

With such a competitive market out there, you’re going to need a robust plan to target the best into your hiring process. Let’s take a look at some of the most important aspects to consider when drawing up a fresh talent acquisition strategy: 

Being flexible 

Many people have now seen the benefits of remote and hybrid working first-hand: better work/life balance, higher productivity levels, and financial savings for both employer and employee. From now on, flexibility will be something candidates consider when interviewing.  

After all, the modern interview process is a two-way street. Gone are the days when grilling a prospective candidate for the chance to work with you was the norm. The hiring process of today is a more grown-up conversation – one that must consider the requirements of both sides for a successful outcome.  

87% of full-time employees either work flexibly already or would rather work flexibly in the future. Offering flexible working should be one of your offerings to a potential hire, not as an added benefit, but as a standard way of working.  

Reactive v Proactive

If your talent acquisition seems to be getting stagnated and your flow of candidates starts to dry up or is non-existent, ask yourself if you’re really following the right strategy. It could be that you’re engaging an inexperienced internal function or possibly posting adverts via your careers page and then being disappointed when very few relevant individuals engage and apply. Maybe you are using an online job board to promote your positions, but unless top talent see your ad amongst thousands of others, applications from this pool never arrive. 

Knowing which tools and process to use to actively promote critical roles to the right people is key to a proactive talent acquisition strategy. Evolving your process from “sitting and waiting” to developing an engagement process is critical. 

Remember that the hybrid workspace is here to stay. This opens the door to talent who might not be within commutable distance to your physical offices, or may even be on another continent.  

Working on strategies to proactively identify and engage these remote workers provides a myriad of additional scaling opportunities.   

Talent acquisition strategy - steps to success

Understanding people and the market 

Marketing your business to potential hires is just as important as marketing your product to potential buyers.  

So, in the same way that you would research and plan for a set audience/persona in product marketing, you’ll need to draw up a clear picture of the skills needed for your business both now and in the medium to long term future.  

Once you have identified these key skills, you’ll have a better idea about what a “good” profile may look like. It’s important then to understand where this talent communicates and “lives”; their preferred social channel and what publications they read, etc. This insight then provides the opportunity for you to manage and adapt your employer brand in order to be attractive to this talent pool.  

The only drawback here is that creating and continually developing these precise personas can be difficult and time consuming. Knowing how to cater to them could take longer still. Most companies simply can’t afford to lose that time. So, what can you do? 

Partner with an expert that accelerates growth 

If you need to access top talent quickly in order to scale, working with a partner that helps you develop a hiring strategy to delivering end to end growth strategy is imperative. talent.ai works with your existing team, to identify strengths and weaknesses in your existing hiring strategy to create bespoke hiring programs that work. 

You can’t afford to miss out on great talent

Consider how long you can afford to go without the people you need, and how many times you can afford to hire employees that aren’t the right fit. In the end, getting higher quality talent in a shorter space of time can often be the difference between reaching your next funding round and mass employee burnout. 

That’s why having a partner like talent.ai by your side to achieve your talent acquisition strategy is so vital. With expertise, we can show you the way forwards.

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