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Founders in Focus looks closely at the people behind startup growth.  Founders that have spotted a unique perspective, created something individual or had the sheer determination to drive change when it’s easier to take another path.

We provide a platform to Founders and look to amplify their stories, detail the individual journey as well as the aspirations for the future. shares and elevates these stories to create insight and inspire others who are on or considering similar journeys.

It’s only fitting we start with our own! Today we are interviewing co-funders Tim Hosking & David Ward. We talk about what led to being created and look’s at the strategies the organisation is following to grow.

Tim Hosking & David Ward, Co-Founders –

You create the future, we create your team




Talent intelligence

Head Office:

Warwickshire, United Kingdom


Welcome!  What led you to set up in the first place?

TH was created to solve the growth challenges that early-stage tech organisation commonly faces as they start out on their expansion journey.  Having spent 15 years hiring on behalf of international technology companies we have been privileged to work with some incredibly successful companies as well as highly talented founding teams from all over the world. 

We ideated on how to best package our experiences in helping other Founders and Leaders as they start to scale their businesses and the net result is

I think what resonates in a big way with many of our clients is that they feel like we are going on a journey with them as businesses.  In fact, our focus on creating our own platform has meant that we have also been evolving on our own journey of growth and development too.  

What sort of companies does work with?


We identify early-stage Technology companies with unique or interesting stories that are motivated to amplify their mission, values and culture. 

We always look to partner with clients long-term, helping them grow in a consistent and systemic way.


Following on from this we are essentially, technology agnostic, so if I look at current Series A clients, we are working with a US-based Dev-Tech vendor simultaneously with a UK E-Commerce fulfilment player and a Swedish Project Collaboration Tools company.  Although our customers operate in various areas of Tech and are located around the world they almost always have similar challenges and strategy questions. 

How do we utilize Remote work to our advantage? How can we select the best talent regardless of where they live?  How do we ensure we build diversity into our hiring strategy?  These are all common questions and I like to think we can help deliver clarity and impact here.

How do you define Talent Intelligence?


We have spent a lot of time developing our own software platform Radr which we currently use in-house to provide our Talent Success Managers with a single point of truth for the most in-demand skills in global tech. We have curated data from multiple sources to create Talent Pools of professionals most often demanded by our clients.  Our platform uses machine learning to assign each person a Talent score based on matching algorithms we have evolved having spent 15 years perfecting this process manually.

What do you see as exciting locations for right now?


The validation of Remote work is enabling Founders and leadership teams to expand their search for the best talent internationally or even globally. 

Companies need not be restricted to location-specific searches and can embrace a much wider talent pool to help select the best fit. This being said, we also intentionally champion locations that are demonstrating special vibrancy from a talent and scale-up perspective.  We think that in one example the tech scene in Italy at the current time has a significant growth opportunity both in terms of innovation but also the density of highly educated, skilled and cost-effective technology talent.

We will deliver more features on Italy and other developing tech hubs as trends and talent intelligence evolves.

Why is now the right time for to thrive?


There has been a lot of discussion about the slowdown in the Technology sector but we see something quite different. 

VCs are still making significant investments, and although parameters are changing there is still lots of fluidity, particularly for innovative early-stage companies looking to secure Seed or A Rounds.


Being able to learn best practices over the last 15 years and sharing these growth strategies is a genuine passion of ours.  Engaging with so many innovative companies sharing their success and elevating their story.  The fact that we thrive by underlining and sharing others’ success is a privilege.