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Our AI-enabled platform and embedded talent success managers provide funded technology companies access to the most in-demand global talent. With you scale at speed, develop your brand and achieve your scale-up goals.

From start-up to scale-up, fast continuously tracks the global talent needed by fast growth technology companies. We categorise this talent into skillsets using our own proprietary methodology. This talent intelligence is delivered via our embedded talent success managers who work inside your business and accelerate your business growth.
Great talent is scarce, don’t leave finding it to chance
In one of the most competitive talent markets in history, identifying, onboarding and retaining top talent is essential to company success. Alongside funding, talent acquisition remains the top priority of founding teams around the world. Creating a robust and data-driven talent acquisition strategy is essential to your success. We show you how.
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Subscribe to growth
Subscribe to growth
Engage on a monthly subscription model to achieve hyper growth. Our talent success managers embed seamlessly into your business, creating or augmenting your talent acquisition team. We transform unique data insights into a qualified and engaged talent pool on an always-on basis.

Whether you’re looking to access the best remote talent regardless of their international location, improve talent diversity or scale at speed, book a call with us to remove hiring obstacles and supercharge your growth.
Talent Intelligence
Find the right people, in the most strategic locations, using our data-driven talent insights align our innovative data with your bespoke hiring objectives quickly and efficiently.
Remote hiring
Solve your talent challenges by accessing the best people on the planet regardless of where they live. Benefit from a wider talent pool, reduced employee turnover and increased productivity.
Our Talent Success Managers embed seamlessly into your organisation, optimising your strategy and supercharging your hiring.
Showcase your brand
Develop your Talent Brand to elevate your company, culture and values in order to attract and engage top performers.
Embedded talent intelligence for fast growth technology companies
To find out how easy and cost-effective it is to embed in your business today, click to book an initial consultation.
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