7 of the most exciting startups in Israel
7 of the most exciting startups in Israel
Discover some of the most interesting and dynamic companies in Israel
Mary Superlano

Israel is currently one of the most dynamic startup hubs in the world filled to the brim with talent and innovative ideas. The Israeli ecosystem has continued to grow this year at an impressive rate despite downturn at global level. 

These companies have all received significant funding and are primed for the type of growth journey that leads to industry leadership.  Although each company has their own unique solution and positioning, each is committed to global expansion and continuous innovation.

Talon Cyber Security 

CEO: Ofer Ben-Noon

Funding: $143 Million 

Stage:  Series A 

City hub: Tel Aviv 

Talon Cyber Security offers protection from cyber threats for distributed workforces. As we move into the age of remote working, more companies need to adapt to flexible work placements and require increased security of their systems.

Tel Aviv-headquartered Talon secured its biggest funding round with an impressive early-stage $100 M  led by Evolution Equity Partners. This is a huge show of confidence in the company and a clear sign that security services are still top table from an investment perspective.

Talon’s has built its own made-for-enterprise browser based on Google Chrome, which provides an improved web experience as well as defined security benefits. In an unstable market, investors are rushing to innovate with the safest bets, and Talon has all the characteristics of a sure thing.

Cycpde is one 7 of the most exciting startups in Israel
(Cycode Founders Lior Levy, Dor Atias and Ronene Slavin. Credit: Cycode)


CEO: Lior Levy

Funding: $80.6 Million 

Stage:  Series B 

City hub: Tel Aviv 

Cycode secures source code.  The company uses its Source Path Intelligence engine to control, detect and respond to anomalies in code. An innovative tool provides security both in terms of direct code and preventing loss of work by early and accurate detection. 

The company is backed by Insight Partners and YL Ventures and is now on a fast growth path.  Post funding the company has been innovating its tools constantly and picking up accolades in the security industry. Last year was its biggest in terms of funding, securing a $20M Series A round at the beginning of 2021 and a $56M Series B at year-end. 

Cycode is in growth mode internationally but is also part of the booming startups in Israel and the Tel Aviv scene, an exciting and innovation-rich environment. This year has seen the company put its investment towards growth, as it continues to add people in Tel Aviv and Remotely.


CEO: Aner Gelman

Funding: $6 Million 

Stage: Seed

City hub: Tel Aviv 

Atmosec offers security to one of the fastest growing tool kits, the SaaS ecosystem, helping companies integrate SaaS products and allowing them to detect and automate protection from threats. 

Atmosec is also part of the thriving Tel Aviv tech hub and top of the startups in Israel. Targeting a specific part of cybersecurity. It’s an interesting and growth-dense niche, as companies add third-party solutions at increasingly faster rates. 

The type of innovative and focused idea that creates an amazing growth journey. Atmosec continues to expand its teams and reach while developing its protection system.


CEO: Boaz Grinvald

Funding: $21.7 Million 

Stage: Private 

City hub: Netanya

Revuza is a consumer insight provider. The company uses AI-powered language processing technology to deliver an analysis of consumer preferences, satisfaction and behaviour to brands, empowering business and market decisions. 

Netanya-based Revuze’s cloud-based software secured a significant $34 Million investment just at the beginning of November led by PSG. The funds will be dedicated to its scaleup efforts in the US. 

Revuze is a stand-out tool, having built one of the first data banks of market research answers to assist brands in navigating consumer needs quickly. Definitely one of the most promising figures in the Israeli startup scene.

Grip Security 

CEO:  Lior Yaari

Funding: $25 Million 

Stage:  Series A 

City hub: Tel Aviv 

Grip Security is another important competitor in the SaaS security niche, the company provides comprehensive security across SaaS tool portfolios for enterprise clients. Covering users, applications, and interactions with quick deployment. 

Tel Aviv-based Grip Security had an impressive first year in 2021, managing to raise $25 Million in just 9 months. The funds and security drive continued growth and development of its tools. 

Grip Security has placed itself as a strong contender in the SaaS security environment, offering expansive protection and reliable safety. A growth journey to keep an eye on as the industry balances and the standout players are selected.


CEO: Saar Safra

Funding: $118.7 Million 

Stage:  Series C

City hub: Bet Haemek, Israel

Beewise creates robotic beehives that automate monitoring and care using AI precision robotics, requiring minimal human intervention. Their “Beehome” can house 24 colonies and allow for remote care by beekeepers. 

Israeli-born Beewise has a strong mission as a driving force and that’s helping beekeepers and save bees. This is a company that uses technology to tackle a pressing ecological issue and creates opportunities for commerce and innovation from it. 

One of the most interesting but ultimately simple and pure ideas from the startups in Israel. Considering bees are integral to pollination, agriculture and most natural systems, we are buzzing about Beewise’s success!


CEO: Maxim Melamedov 

Funding: $117.2 Million 

Stage:  Series B 

City hub: Tel Aviv 

Zesty is a cloud infrastructure service provider that automates and adapts cloud resources to meet application demands. Helping businesses cut cloud costs, keep constant performance and better manage their cloud needs. 

Tel Aviv-based Zesty has been able to achieve an incredible scale-up pace, growing its customer base by 127% from 2021 to 2022. Definitely one of the factors behind its funding success as well. Back in September of this year, the company announced a weighty Series B round of $75 Million led by B Capital and Sapphire Ventures. This put them over the $100 Million funding mark. 

With numbers like these on growth and investment, there are many great things to come from Zesty future and its place as a leader of the startups in Israel.

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