Why is embedded talent management the future of recruitment success?
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Why embedded talent management is the future of recruitment success?
Embedded talent management is the elevation of hiring and recruitment techniques.
Mary Superlano

It’s time to change the POV regarding talent acquisition from the immediate to the long term. Adding people to your team should be a conversation about growth instead of merely headcount. The more carefully and intimate the selection and recruitment of talent is, the better the results in the long term. 

However you choose to bring new ideas and people into your company, you need to consider making impactful decisions over filling seats. This is especially demanded when you are scaling up with purpose. 

It takes a particular type of talent to adjust and thrive in the fast-paced growth phases of a startup. You want people who are able to develop in uncertainty and rise to challenges. The good news is the kind of talent you want does exist and is waiting for your call. The bad news is, you are not getting to them the traditional way. 

Current talent growth challenges

There are many roadblocks to success as a startup or any new company, one of the biggest is not being able to attract and keep the right people. 

Having the idea, and the baking will hardly work on its own if you don’t have the talent. Teams from development to sales are ultimately hugely responsible for your success. So, talent should always be at the forefront of your efforts. 

Nowadays you are facing up to attract a new generation of workers. Most of them will be interested in values and culture over company statements. This brings a whole new set of challenges into the mix. 

The last few years have seen a mix of new trends hit the talent ecosystem from a so-called Great Resignation to the new Quiet Quitting phenomenon. Both are just manifestations of dissatisfaction, and there were of course companies that experienced neither. 

One of the best tools your company has to steer clear from being a victim of trends is to carefully select employees. There is less of a chance of dissatisfaction with people who match your culture and workflow. The best protection for this ailment starts at hiring. 

Adapting to the future of work by being remote and global 

The future of work is remote and global there is no question about this. So, how can you go from traditional models to enacting remote policies that work? You need consistent talent intelligence that works for your goals. 

Building remote teams that have a functional workflow and training leaders to become efficient at a distance. It all starts from the inside, translates into your hiring process helping bring the best talent, and continues the chain for sustainable growth. 

Preventing job hopping and building consistency  

Employees staying in a company for 30-plus years is no longer a common occurrence. More and more the benefits of job hopping gain over staying in the same position.

It shares a common thread with quiet quitting, that this is just a sign of dissatisfaction and companies losing insight into employees’ wants. 

Making sure that your company and talent are a match from the start is the foundation to avoid turnover and build a strong basis for them to stay long-term.

What should you pay attention to in talent to avoid job hopping?

  1. Hiring people with a startup temperament 
  2. Offering a strong benefits package 
  3. Having options for growth internally 
  4. Investing in employees development 
  5. Checking in with employees 

What is embedded talent management?

Embedded talent management is an internal recruitment formula that creates a significant change in your hiring policies. 

A talent sourcing expert gets placed within a company to learn from the inside what needs to be changed and what the right talent profile is for that growth journey. 

  1. Gathers insight by immersing in the company culture 
  2. Can create a real impact in hiring 
  3. Stronger profile matching 
  4. Build up a scale-up momentum 
  5. Creates an employer brand and talent profile guidelines

How talent.ai created the embedded talent success managers model? 

After years of experience in the industry, and specifically hiring for startups and the tech ecosystem, we realized there are better ways to get to talent, simple as that. 

The creation of the talent success managers model is born from the principle of moving beyond headcount to real significant improvement with each project we work on

Embedded talent management is a growth strategy, not a recruitment one

Embedded talent management is not about filling positions, it is more about creating a strategy for talent acquisition that goes beyond numbers. 

We are not preparing companies for the hires we are going to get but more than that we want to leave a hiring culture that lasts. 

Startups and tech companies on the rise are in particular need of clarity and help, as talent is one of the biggest challenges for growth. Having a partner that leaves behind a better culture can drastically change the growth path your company is on. 

How do embedded talent success managers respond to growth challenges differently? 

  • Instead of focusing on numbers > Focus on growth 
  • Following traditional methodology > Adapting to future of work formats 
  • Locked in a talent battle >Access to global talent niches 
  • Building profiles around positions >Creating a hiring culture that encompasses goals, requirements and company culture 

The future is here 

Embedded talent management is the elevation of hiring and recruitment techniques that have been developing in the last decades of the tech industry. 

A highly effective tool for growth and the type of improvement that can change the course of your success!

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