The top Czech startups are full of talent and promise
The most interesting Czech Startups
Czechia is one of the most dynamic and stable tech hubs of the moment, discover how they lead the pack with innovation and talent at the center.
Mary Superlano

The Czech Republic is one of the most dynamic plus stable tech hubs in Europe and the world. A country filled with talent, quick adoption of technology and a whole generation of creators and founders looking to make the country shine brightly. 

A tech hub that puts ideas, innovation and products first, starting with solutions and expanding onto markets quickly. The companies featured here have already received shows of confidence from investors and are becoming well-known in their niches. Expect great things from these names and from Czechia in the future. 

CEO: Jiri Trecak

Funding: $16.6 Million 

Stage: Seed 

City hub: Prague is an end-to-end solution for design systems, a platform that allows designers and developers to work together seamlessly. 

Prague-based’s software allows for streamlined documentation of design and collaboration on decision-making to be simplified using design tokens and other collaborative features.

With design and development teams growing and becoming more remote, a tool that unites the efforts of both and makes communication easy and organization organic will find a waiting market. definitely has found its way, catching the eye of many important clients like Electrolux and the confidence of investors like Wing Venture Capital or EQT Ventures, among others. 

Better Stack

CEO: Juraj Masar

Funding: $18.6 Million 

Stage: Series A 

Better Stack develops observability tools that can help companies deliver better software faster. The software solution helps turn logs and monitoring processes into a tool for offering more reliability.

Czech-founded Better Stack was only started in 2021 and has already made a splash in its market. A fast tool with great design and features that tackles an important and vital issue for software companies, being able to deliver great software, faster. 

Young but promising Better Stack has already reached Series A funding and stands with almost $20 Million in investment. On top of that Better Stack already has big clients like Decathlon and Accenture, just to name two. From our observation, this is one company that will drive the Czech startups’ reputation for innovation pretty far! 


CEO: Martin Behan 

Funding: $613.1 Million 

Stage:  Series D 

City hub: Karlín 

Rohlik is a same-day 90-minute promise grocery delivery service platform. It is one of the leading e-grocery companies in Europe and the only unicorn startup on the list, definitely one of Czechia’s biggest tech companies right now.

Despite the downturn and grocery delivery competitors, Rohlik has stayed strong, just last year the company secured a €220 Million investment in Series D. Impressive given the year tech has had. 

Rohlik continues to expand and now serves Czechia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain, and surely has plans to add even more countries to the list. 

While delivering success in the grocery app market can be complicated, Rohlik is poised to stay a steady competitor and keep reaching into new countries. 

The top Czech startups are full of talent and promise
Prague hosts most of the top Czech startups, a vibrant capital city.


CEO: Jan Hanuš

Funding: $20.4 Million 

Stage:  Series A 

City hub: Prague

Woltair is a clean energy startup that helps consumers choose the best and more sustainable energy solutions for their homes. The digital platform connects homeowners to contractors, technicians, technology options and technicians to get the best energy outcome based on each home. 

Clean and energy tech startups are on the rise as the costs of energy climb, and people look for more sustainable options. Woltair, which has reported growth of 4x per year, provides both a cut of cost and more green energy options. 

The company has already reached the Series A stage and has total funding of over $20 Million, having served over 3K customers since its foundation and continuing to grow. 

The cleantech niche is energized with demand for sustainability and cost-effective solutions, Woltair seems to be powered up to make a huge impact in the Czech startups, CEE market and beyond! 


CEO: Pavel Doležal

Funding: $4.5 Million 

Stage:  Seed

City hub: Prague 

Keboola is a cloud-based data solution for clients to collect, analyze and use data for products and projects. It is an end-to-end ETL where users can use the software suite for all their data needs. 

The importance of data has skyrocketed over the last decade, and so has the capacity for collection and analytics. Kebola offers a centralized solution and tools for data needs. Making its software increasingly popular for automation and efficiency purposes. 

Another Prague-based company that has excelled in their field, and another example of great product and innovation from the Czechs. Keboola is at Seed level but will surely rise to incredible heights if the data is correct, and we bet it is! 


CEO: Michal Mensik

Funding: €60.6 Million 

Stage:  Series B 

City hub: Prague 

DoDo is an express delivery platform specializing in same-day and last-mile delivery from their marketplace to the consumer. 

The Prague-based company differentiates itself by using urban logistics technology for delivery. They develop their own system called GAIA a logistics platform that allows them to optimize efficiency and satisfaction in delivery. 

DoDo delivers in over 4 countries with over 1.3K couriers and 600+ cars. Home delivery has become the norm and cities continue to be a difficult environment to navigate. Technology like the one DoDo has created is going to be paramount to meeting expectations and reducing the chaos of delivery. We are sure DoDo will deliver success for Czech startups! 


CEO: AJ Shewki 

Funding: $12.3 Million 

Stage: Series A

City hub: Prague  

LIV is a virtual reality technology developer and streaming platform. The company “is on a mission to empower creators in VR & AR to share their adventures with their friends, family and fans”. 

Streaming has become one of the most popular pastimes and entertainment forms with gamers, and other figures taking an active part in it daily. LIV’s platform allows users to stream in VR settings seamlessly. 

This technology turns gaming into a live-action sharing activity, where players and the audience can experience it at once. LIV’s platform has amassed over 1.5 billion views since it launched and continues to increase numbers. 

LIV is a very real-life success case of people who are self-professed “nerds” turning a passion into an amazing and profitable product that fulfils a need. The game has just started for LIV!

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