the most interesting startup funding rounds of the last 7 days
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Funding Rounds we admired from the last 7 days
We see these journeys as an inspiration, offering insights to other founders, startups and innovators.
Mary Superlano

Every week we highlight new funding successes from companies bringing about change in their industries.  We amplify the voice of companies delivering on tech innovation whilst also utilizing remote work, or being clear on the importance of D&I to their brand. All ingredients that focus on when selecting the best startup funding rounds of the last 7 days. 

We see these journeys as an inspiration, offering insights to other founders, startups and innovators looking to evolve their stories into something extraordinary.  We know the hard work behind these accomplishments and always seek to recognise and applaud those involved from leadership, founders, and their entire teams. 

Congratulations to all the founders and teams! 



CEO & Co-Founder – Saurav Chopra

5Minds is a gamified learning platform that is designed to help and encourage employees to improve their skills, offering a curated selection of short video format content from creators all over the world. 

London based 5Mins hopes to use the £5 Million Seed funding led by Albion VC to enhance the platform. It plans to add skills analytics, API integrations and more content to its learning marketplace to learn to expand globally. 

The Tik Tok-like learning platform has an impressive 85% course compilation rate and hopes to perfect its platform more with each funding round! 

Series A 


CEO & Co-Founder – Matthieu Rouif 

CTO – Co-Founder –  Eliot Andres

PhotoRoom is an AI-powered mobile app that allows users to edit images with studio-like quality on their devices in seconds. Giving users editing software tools that are easy to use and accessible from their mobile. 

Last week the Paris based company received a solidifying $19M in Series A funding led by Balderon Capital, which it plans to use to further develops its software, growth its talent force in Europe, improve its AI and boost its journey to become #1 in its industry. 

In the age of social media, PhotoRoom solves the need of regular users and smaller businesses have to become editors of their own image, by creating access to the type of tools that are usually only available to professionals. 


CEO & Co-Founder – Attila Kecsmar

CSO & Co-Founder – Andras Nemes 

Antavo is a cloud platform that proves management for loyalty programs. It aims to help its partnering companies increase loyalty and manage it end-to-end in one place. Its clients include PEPSICO, BrewDog and Toys”R”Us. 

In complicated downturn times, companies are focused on keeping clients and a solution like a loyalty program gains a lot of value and importance in the long run strategy. This latest Serie A funding round of €10M was led by Euroventures alongside Lead Ventures, and will be used to enhance the platform and integrations. 

Antavo is bringing tech and ideas into an old business favoutire, the loyalty program, and we can’t wait to see where they take it! 


CEO & Co-Founder – Jean-Philippe Doumeng

CPO & Co-Founder – Ludovic Lacay 

Napo is an insurtech coverage provider for pets, offering comprehensive pet care and tools for pet owners. The company brings tech innovation to pet care with more remote access tools, consultation and online guides as well as in-person treatment options. 

London based Napo is focusing on the ever-growing market of pet care, where pet owners are looking for affordable care while the importance and investment in animal companions increases. No wonder the company was able to sign off on a £15M Series A investment deal led by DN Capital. 

No limit to what we would do for our four-legged best friends and Napo knows that! 

Series B 


CEO & Co-Founder – Paolin Pascot 

CTO & Co-Founder – Dinh Nguyen

Agriconomie is an eCommerce platform that provides farmers and agriculture companies with online tools. Offering everything from advice, information and suppliers. On the other side, it offers partneting suppliers with services like data analysis, ads and software solutions. 

Frech-based Agriconomie just secured an impressive Series B funding round of €60M, a considerable amount even in a growing sector like Agritech. The company is aiming to become the go-to platform for all of Europe and is moving forward with a climate change aware strategy, adding more sustainable solutions, advice and suppliers. 

Fast-growing Agriconomie is already in France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, and Italy, so its European dreams is closing in on becoming a reality! 


CEO & Co-Founder – Hakim Saadaoui

CTO – Sébastien Diemer

MyTraffic is a SaaS data platform for physical places, offering data gathering, tracking and analytics for storefronts, offices, malls and other physical locations. The software then allows for accurate rental price setting, plus managing other retail and business decisions. 

Paris-based MyTraffics already has big names on its client list like Carrefour, H&M, and American Express, plus non-commercial clients like city departments and public entities. Its focus on data for physical location has gained them a €30M investment led by AXA Venture Partners.  

The company is looking forward to investing the new funds in growing its European talent base across its five offices in Germany, the UK and Spain. 


CEO & Co-Founder – Szymon Sypniewicz

CPO & Co-Founder – Przemek Kowalczyk

Ramp is a fintech aiming to connect blockchain systems to traditional banking, serving as the connecting payment infrastructure between them with no need for a third party. Making it easier for users to buy cryptos and other digital origin assets. 

Warsaw based Ramp has managed to gain confidence in an unsteady crypto market and secured just last week a strong investment of $70 M in Series B funding led by Mubadala Capital and Korelya Capital. 

A great sign for Ramp’s solidity and for the possible stabilization of the crypto markets.

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