Satispay founders just became the second Italian tech unicorn
The all-new Italian Job: the most dynamic tech startups in Italy
Take a closer look at the companies at the heart of the Italian revolution in growth for startups and scale-ups.
Mary Superlano

We look at the companies at the heart of the Italian revolution in growth scale-ups.

Scalapay 🦄

CEO: Simone Mancini

Funding: €727.5 M

Stage: Series B 

City hub: Milan

Scalapay is a payment planning method that allows its users to buy from online store partners and pay in three easy instalments without any interest.

At the beginning of the year, Scalapay raised $497M in a funding round led by Tencent and brought its valuation to $1 Billion. This made it Italy’s first tech unicorn and one of the standout companies in the country’s tech renaissance. 

Scalapay is a trailblazer for startups in Italy and is now a strong contender in the world fintech stage!

(Satispay founders Alberto Dalmasso, Dario Brignone, Samuele Pinta. Source: Satispay)

Satispay 🦄

CEO: Alberto Dalmasso

Funding: €471.5 M

Stage: Series D 

City hub: Milan

Satispay like its first unicorn predecessor is a mobile payments startup, independent from credit or debit cards it allows users to create payment plans on the go. 

The company earned the title of Italy’s second unicorn after a huge investment round raise of  €320m in Series D led by Lee Fixel, an individual investor whose biggest success has been global hit Peloton. 

This latest investment brought the company over the  €450M mark in funding and more importantly raised its valuation to the coveted Billion mark, making it the country’s second official tech unicorn. 

Huge things are expected of Satispay and we’ll have to see how it plays out with its brother-unicorn and competitor Scalapay. 


CEO: Michele Grazioli 

Funding: €45 million 

Stage: Series A 

City hub: Milan 

Vedrai offers business projections for SMEs using AI technology that analyses immense numbers of market variables, comparing them with the company’s own data, offering a solid tool for companies CFO and financial decision-makers. 

It’s been a huge year for startups in Italy and for Vedrai, gaining a €40 million investment in April of 2022.  An impressive situation for a company with currently less than 100 employees. 

Vedrai has been nicknamed one of Italy’s “Soonicorn’s” for good reason!

Young Platform Founders. Source: Young Platform

Young Platform  

CEO: Andrea Ferrero

Funding: €20.6 million 

Stage: Series A 

City hub: Turin

Young Platform is a fintech startup looking to make the cryptocurrency market more accessible for all, simplifying the sales of crypto assets. 

It’s a currency exchange that allows users to buy and sell cryptos using FIAT money like Euros and Dollars. 

This company was first incubated at the local Polytechnic University of Turin IP3 incubator and has risen quickly in the European fintech scene, evolving from an initial investment of €3.5 million last year to securing €16 million funding earlier in 2022.


CEO: Federico Sargenti

Funding: €135.6 million

Stage: Series C 

City hub: Milan 

Everli a grocery delivery app’s user base skyrocketed during the pandemic, allowing users to place orders from chains like Carrefour, Lidl and other supermarkets through personal shoppers. They are now operational in 135 cities across Italy and have expansion locations in France and Poland. 

It’s one of the oldest startups in Italy on this list, founded in 2014 but is now experiencing significantly faster-paced growth. Its lead investors are Italian VC, United Venture fund which just added €22 million to its commitment in April of this year. 

Post Series C, Everli is expanding to other EU countries, and already in the works are plans for operations in Germany and Romania.


CEO: Uljan Sharka 

Funding: €30 Million 

Stage: Series A 

City hub: Milan

iGenius is reimagining data and pairing it with Augmented Reality to become a leader in data analytics as an ambitious goal but attainable goal as a startups in Italy. In 2022 the company is in further growth mode having secured an additional funding round of €10 million this year from NovaCapital. 

Its star feature is app bot Crystal, an AI-powered chatbot that helps companies understand their data analytics better. Ask Crystal a question and you actually receive an excel sheet with your data information requested. 

iGenius targets corporate clients and enables companies to minimize unused data, bridging the gap between data lakes and non-technical users’ questions.

Wallife CEO Maria Enrica Angelone. Source: Wallife


CEO: Maria Enrica Angelone

Funding: €17.1 Million 

Stage: Series A 

City hub: Roma 

Ever thought tech is advancing faster than almost all other industries? Yes, well so does Wallife. The company offers a solution to cover risks associated with tech and science innovation.  They offer insurance solutions that go beyond what traditional insurance companies are able to provide.

It’s an innovative concept that has a multitude of uses as we seek to answer the question of how do we protect ourselves against something as new as technology? Wallife has risen quickly in the insurtech sector and is already and is garnering a lot of attention in the Insurance industry.

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