Chattermill is on of the startup funding rounds that impressed us this week
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Funding rounds we admire from the last 7 days
We see these journeys as an inspiration, offering insights to other founders, startups and innovators.
Mary Superlano

Every week we highlight new funding successes from companies bringing about change in their industries.  We amplify the voice of companies delivering on tech innovation whilst also utilizing remote work, or being clear on the importance of D&I to their brand. All ingredients that focus on when selecting the best startup funding rounds of the last 7 days. 

We see these journeys as an inspiration, offering insights to other founders, startups and innovators looking to evolve their stories into something extraordinary.  We know the hard work behind these accomplishments and always seek to recognise and applaud those involved from leadership and founders and their entire teams. 

Congratulations to all the founders and teams! 

Series A 


CEO & Co-Founder – Steven Hunter

CTO & Co-Founder – Huss El-Sheikh

9fin is a financial intelligence company that uses AI to extract and analyse data from bond and loan documentation and provide insights. The company helps finance professionals make smarter more informed decisions. 

Just last week the company secured a $22 million Series A funding led by a new investor Spark Capital. The new funds will spearhead an expansion in North America.

London-based 9fin managed a 100% accuracy in their forecast in 2018 including default, refinancing and other data. It’s already being used by some of the biggest financial firms in the world.  A one-of-a-kind tool with massive potential for growth! 

( Customcells CEO Dr. Dirk Abendroth, Co-Founder Leopold König, Mayor of Itzehoe Ralf Hoppe & Managing Director Benno Leuthner. Credit: Customcells)


CEO & Co-Founder – Dr. Dirk Abendroth

Co-Founder – Leopold König

Customcells is a battery innovation and development company that creates premium battery cells that can be optimised on a module level depending on requirements. The startup is a complete value chain working from developing to recycling batteries. 

The German company just received a substantial backing of €60 Million led by VC group World Fund, a leading European climate tech fund. This Series A funding round will be used to develop its aircraft battery division and to develop competitive strategies. 

Customcells is keeping its eye on innovation with over 20 patents filed in 2022 and more coming in 2023. This is a company that’s fully charged for success! 

Series B 

(Chattermill Co-Founder Dmitry Isupov & CEO & Co-Founder Mikhail Dubov. Credit: Chattermil )


CEO & Co-Founder – Mikhail Dubov

Co-Founder – Dmitry Isupov

Cahttermill is a deep-learning platform that proves organizations with clear insights into their customer landscape. Using AI to analyze feedback and other customer data to boost loyalty and brand standing. 

London-based Chattermill just received a €24 Million funding round to continue its mission to deliver great customer experiences. The Series B funding round was led by Beringea and will be used to continue expansion in the US, and Europe and add more talent to its teams. 

Data has become one of the strongest allies and impactful forces for companies, a niche that expands from internal to customer analytics. Chattermil stands out because of its particularly surgical approach to customer services. 

(Naïo Technologies Founders Aymeric Barthes & Gaëtan Séverac. Credit:Naïo Technologies )

Naïo Technologies

CEO & Co-Founder – Aymeric Barthes

Co-Founder – Gaëtan Séverac

Naïo Technologies is an Agritech company that develops and manufactures next-gen machines for agriculture and vineyards. The company has a focus on AI-enhanced, robotics and machine innovation for agriculture. 

Leader in Agritech Naïo secured an important Series B funding round of $33 Million led by Mirova. The new funds put it at $51.1 Million raised so far and will be used  “This fundraising will allow us to take a new step towards more product and organisational efficiency” says the CEO Aymeric Barthes

Robotics in Agritech addresses important issues like lack of labour, sustainable growth and efficiency, all great indicators of promise. Quite a fertile ground for Naïo to flourish from! 

Series C

Allica Bank

CEO & Co-Founder – Richard Davies

CTO – Ravneet Shah

Allica Bank is a fintech star on the rise, offering an updated and specialized banking option for SMEs in the UK. The company reached an important profitability milestone this year and has been on an accelerated scale-up path since its founding. 

London-based Allica Bank which already has the trust of companies like Netflix, Airbnb and more just raised an important £100 Million in Series C funding led by TCV, the global technology investor. 

Allica is investing its new funds into its expansion within the UK market and as CEO Richard Davies says “taking on the mainstream ‘high street’ banking market”. SMEs are a huge and often neglected banking needs market that is open to the prospect of a bank made for them. This a huge opportunity for Allica to continue its skyrocketing growth!

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