Anastasia Volkova is a leading figure in Europe agritech top startups with her company RegrowAG
Most Interesting Agritech Startups: Green and Ready to Grow 
The top agritech startups offer much-needed solutions to food and farming, making agriculture is growing field for talent and investors.
Mary Superlano

Agriculture technology, or “agritech,” is a rapidly growing industry that has seen significant growth in recent years. Agriculture is one of the strongest points of change for climate change efforts. Using technology and innovation can help farmers obtain more resistant crops, reduce the waste of resources, and improve sustainability. 

The companies featured on this list are leading the charge in agriculture-related tech or Agritech in diverse and impactful ways. Agritech has been a humble player in the tech niche, with other industries like AI getting more attention, but have no doubt that it is a big player. 

Agriculture is a needed aspect of human life, the base of our civilization and the food chain. However, one thing is clear we need to change the way we’ve been doing it, to protect the land, improve conditions for farmers and safeguard our future. 

Here are the companies and teams making that change happen. 

Regrow is one of Europe's top agritech startups  tacking sustainable farming with innovation
(ReGrowAG team. Source: ReGrowAG)


ReGrowAG is a startup focused on developing and providing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to help farmers improve their crops. 

The company’s technology, which won the boldest Agritech award this year, uses real-time data to give farmers the best insights and recommendations, optimizing their farming practices.

The information includes all the basics needed for a successful crop

  1. When to plant
  2. How much water and fertiliser to use
  3. When to harvest had the great opportunity to talk to founder and CEO Anastasia Volkova about their mission and the inspiration behind it. Where she explained the need to find purpose in the tech along with sustainable ideals. 

I guess I have the understanding that it’s important to create change in a sustainable way, and one of the most sustainable ways of creating change in the world is actually creating a business case around it that rewards all the stakeholders that are involved.

ReGrow founder and CEO Anastasia Volkova

By using AI and machine learning, ReGrowAG is able to provide farmers with highly accurate information, reducing errors, waste and costs. While helping farmland maintain healthy soil and crop capabilities.

Agreena founders Julie Koch Fahler, Simon Haldrup and Ida Boesen are behind one of Europe's top agritech startups
(Agreena Co-Founders Julie Koch Fahler, Simon Haldrup and Ida Boesen. Source: Agreena )


Agreena is a platform for soil carbon credits generated by farmers. Using carbon-capturing technology Agreena transform solid into carbon sinks, capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it in the soil. 

Carbon emissions are an important component in fighting climate change and greenhouse gases. 

By capturing carbon in the soil Agreena tackles one of the biggest issues in the climate fight and creates an economic advantage for farmers by verifying and selling the carbon credits they generate. 

This creates not only financial incentive it also improve land quality, and accelerates the transition into more sustainable agriculture practices. 

Part of the tech at use in what Agreena does.

  1. Data collection
  2. Software to analyse the soil data 
  3. Artificial intelligence 
  4. Satellite imagery 
  5. Deep tech 
ecoRobotix is one of Europe's top agritech startups  under the direction of CEO Simon Aspinall
(ecoRobotix CEO Simon Aspinall and Co-Founder Aurélien Demaurex. Source: ecoRobotix)


ecoRobotix is a startup focused on artificial intelligence for high-precision crop treatment. Its signature technology are plant treatment sprays that can be mounted and provide plant-by-plant recognition provisioning incredibly precise treatment for crops. 

ARA is its high-precision sprayer that can analyze and calculate just the right amount of pesticide, herbicides and fertilizer needed by each sector of farmers’ crops. 

The Swiss company also provides crop data analysis thanks to ARA’s image-capturing. Allowing farmers to manage their crops with highly detailed data and sector by sector. 

Top agritech startups  uses AI-powered greenhouses to boost sustainable farming
(CEO & Co-Founder Rien Kamman, and CPO & Co-Founder Ernst van Bruggen. Source: ) creates and innovates with AI-powered greenhouses. Indoor farming creates an opportunity for greatly increasing sustainable agriculture. 

Why is indoor farming so effective?

  • Reduces the land demands, giving back land to nature
  • Reduces water use, up to 20 times less water required according to the 
  • More climate resistant, as conditions are managed by tech systems and crops are protected from adverse weather 
  • Increased crop yields, according to indoor crops can produce up to 15 times more. 

While other solutions are looking at renovating and innovating in outdoor traditional farming, provides a new alternative by tackling indoor options. Smart farming greenhouses reduce harmful practices and improve results. 


Entocycle found a way to fix the bug in the agriculture system by farming, well, bugs. The company provides complete solutions for insect farming for animal feeding. 

Insects have been buzzing in the sustainable market for years. Bugs are a high-protein, climate-effective way to produce food and answer the world’s protein needs.

London-based Entocycle can provide fully functional insect farms for producing animal feed, manure, and more. 

A huge part of the impact of animal products is the amount of land and resources they require to be fed. By using insects cattle farmers can reduce waste, gas emissions, and land needs without compromising animal health.

A great crop for the future of agriculture 

As the demand for sustainable agriculture solutions continues to grow, it is clear that there will be no shortage of innovation in the agritech space. 

Whether it is using AI and machine learning to optimize crop yields or developing new biopesticides, these startups are all working to make agriculture more sustainable and more efficient. 

These are just a few of the names leading the charge in changing the way crops are grown and making our food chain more sustainable. All of these companies represent the investment in sustainable ideals and commitment from tech innovators to creating a better future.

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