Tech Funding Rounds we admired this week.
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Funding Rounds we admired this week
The most promising Series A & B funding rounds of last week
Mary Superlano

In this feature, we highlight some of the early-stage funding rounds that stood out to us during the last 7 days. We applaud these companies demonstrating unique characteristics who have received strategic funding further cementing their opportunity to create the future.

We celebrate the huge growth potential to come!

Series A Funding Rounds

CEO & Co-Founder – Cristina Vila Vives
COO & Co-Founder – Brad Van Leeuwen

UK based Cledara and has just announced their Series A attracting $20 million. The company is delivering a SaaS platform aimed at helping companies handle their SaaS investments, keeping track of all the services they are subscribed to and paying for. The solution is designed to create cost savings and drive efficiency. The funding round was led by CommerzVentures, and also included Nauta Capital, Carbide Investments and Anthemis Group.

CEO & Co-Founder Karoli Hindriks
Co-Founder Ronald Hindriks

Jobbatical has just raised $11.6M for its worker relocation platform which is a topic close to our hearts here at The Estonian-based startup is growing fast and is supporting the Remote work trend, particularly in the technology industry. With the rise of tech workers becoming digital nomads moving around the world to locations of choice, Jobbatical delivers paperless migration. The round was led by Karma VC.

CEO & Co-Founder Casper Rasmussen
CCSO & Co-Founder Anders Pedersen

Electrical vehicle infrastructure solutions company Monta had its biggest funding round last week raising a further $30M investment in an extended A Round. Monta is a platform which makes it significantly simpler for EV owners to charge their vehicle when at home and when traveling. The round was led by existing investor Energize Ventures. Monta, headquartered in Copenhagen, now has a $155M valuation and is preparing for US expansion.

German Quantron is a Battery Fuel Cell innovator that just received a Series A funding round of $50 Million
German Quantron is a Battery Fuel Cell innovator for commercial vehicles. Source: Quantron

CEO Michael Perschke
COO Dr. Uwe Hansult

German Quantron is a Battery Fuel Cell innovator with a speciality in electric vehicle integrations for commercial transport like trucks, buses and vans, etc. It has just closed its A-Round of investment of $50M, including long-term partner Ballard Power Systems. Quantron is speeding up the evolution of Hydrogen deployment in commercial vehicles. Neumann & Esser and EV Dynamics also participated in the funding.

Series B Funding Rounds

CEO & Co-Founder Ilit Raz
CTO Nofar Bracha

New York founded Joonko provides AI-powered recruitment solutions specialized in diversity hiring and inclusion at scale. The company announced last Tuesday a Series B investment round of $25M led by Insight Partners and with the support of 3 other funds.

CEO & Co-Founder Tom Griffiths
Head of Growth & Co-Founder Savina Perez

Hone, a platform providing top-level management training for high-growth companies, is significantly scaling in its own right. It was only last November when the company raised its $16M Series A funding. Then last week the company announced a new $30M series B funding round led by 3L Capital and with Nextgen Venture Partners and Semper Virens. The company will use it’s total $52.4 m investment to grow its headcount and scale their platform.

CEO & Co-Founder Brennan Spellacy
Co-Founder Aaron Grunfeld

Green tech startup Patch allows companies to buy carbon credits in order to offset their climate impact. The San Francisco company received a substantial $55M investment from eco fund Energize Ventures, raising its total funding to date to $80M.

CEO & Co-Founder Morten Strunge
Chief of Strategic Relations & Co-Founder ReEva Kirstine Lægdsgaard

Copenhagen’s Podimo is a fast-growing platform for short-format podcasts and stories. The business announced a strong Series B funding round of $58M last week and is in fast-scale mode. Podimo is looking to take on industry giants like Spotify and Apple head-on. Series B funding was led by 83North, Highland Europe, and Saban Ventures.

CEO & Co-Founder Vatsal Shah
COO & Co-Founder John Younes

Litmus is an industrial edge data platform which helps users transform critical data into actionable intelligence. The $30M round, which brings the total funding to $42M, was led by Belden and will be used for improving customer-facing services and marketing.

Majority just received a Series B funding round of $30 Million
CEO & Founder of Majority Magnus Larsson. Source: Majority

CEO & Co-Founder Magnus Larsson
COO & Co-founder Johan Granlund

Majority’s is a mobile banking platform specifically targeting the migrant consumer sector in the US, a market with a large opportunity. The Stockholm/Houston based company is committed to creating more open banking for migrant workers. It is currently making most of its revenues from paid subscriptions. The $30M funding round was led by Valar Ventures and Heartland Capital.

CEO & Co-Founder Bharath Krishnamoorthy
CTO & Co-Founder Shawn Vo

This fintech platform which offers solutions for freight brokers and logistics, announced its biggest funding round last week, a $26M investment coupled with a debt facility of $100m. The Series B investment was led by Pelion Venture Partners and with the participation of others including Anthemis. The New York company plans to accelerate its scale-up goals as well as further support its own customers.

CEO & Co-Founder Grzegorz Wójcik
CMO & Co-Founder Tomasz Plata

This Polish startup is developing leadership in the growing e-signatures and digital identification space. Autenti reached Series B status last week after an $8.5M investment led by 3TS Capital Partners and Elevator Ventures. It hopes to use this new funding, which rounds up the total to $14.8M, to expand and become the e-signature choice for all of Europe and beyond.

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