Levity founders Gero Keil & Thilo Huellmann RECEIVED A $8.3 Million Seed funding round
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Funding rounds we admired from the last 7 days
We see these journeys as an inspiration, offering insights to other founders, startups and innovators.
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Every week we highlight new funding successes from companies bringing about change in their industries.  We amplify the voice of companies delivering on tech innovation whilst also utilizing remote work, or being clear on the importance of D&I to their brand. All ingredients that talent.ai focus on when selecting the best tech funding rounds of the last 7 days. 

We see these journeys as an inspiration, offering insights to other founders, startups and innovators looking to evolve their stories into something extraordinary.  We know the hard work behind these accomplishments and always seek to recognise and applaud those involved from leadership and founders and their entire teams. 

Congratulations to all the founders and teams!


Levity founders Gero Keil & Thilo Huellmann RECEIVED A $8.3 Million Seed tech funding round
(Levity founders Gero Keil & Thilo Huellmann. Credit: Levity)


CEO & Co-Founder – Gero Keil

CTO & Co-Founder – Thilo Huellmann

Levity is a no-code automation platform that allows non-technical professionals to build intelligent business workflows using AI and other tools. The founders want to make this type of tool more accessible to businesses and have created Levity based on that principle. 

Berlin-based Levity just secured increased elevation with a Seed investment of $8,3 Million with Balderton Capital, and Chalfen Ventures both involved. The company will use all the funds to accelerate product building. 

A great start for a platform looking to bring tech tools closer to the people that need them!  

Series A

Insite AI 

Co-Founder – Shaveer Mirpuri

President  – Jeff Smith

Insite AI is an AI-powered platform for consumer goods category planning, sales and revenue growth management. The company already has huge partnerships in place with huge retailers like Walmart, Target, and another US based retailer, Kroger.

Last week the Arkansas company finalized a Series A funding round led by NewRoad Capital and M12, Microsoft’s Venture Fund for $19 Million. Founder Shaveer Mirpuri says the funding will go towards expanding the product features as well as adding experts to the team and customer onboarding initiatives. 


CEO & Founder – Adam Fields

CTO – Dylan Fareed 

New York bases Arta provides logistics software and fulfilment technology for high-end goods and collectables. Its global platform has a presence in over 65 countries and can count over 500 service providers in its network.  The company has already partnered with leading auction houses like Sotheby’s and Bonhams. 

Arta secured $11 Million in Series A from AXA Venture and a number of other tech funding rounds investors. The solution aims to reduce friction in fulfilment processes for the high-end commerce sector.  ARTA plans to expand its tech platform by offering international compliance, insurance products and improving services. 


CEO & Co-Founder – Quentin de Quelen

CTO & Co-Founder – Clément Renault

MeiliSearch is a powerful open-source developer tool which enables a highly customizable search engine to deploy.  The platform will auto-correct typos and user errors to ensure a more complete search experience. According to its founder Quentin de Quelen there are more than 10.000 apps now using the engine for development searches. 

Paris bases MeiliSearch secured a $15 million Series A funding round led by Felicis last week, pointing to a bright future for the early-stage company. The funds will be utilised to expand the sales and marketing team as the company builds out a more enterprise-focused strategy. 

This a significant step forward for a company that started out as an idea that was initiated through a GitHub project!


CEO & Co-Founder – Veronica Costa Orvalho

CTO – João Orvalho

Didimo is a global leader in high-accuracy automated human and user-based digital avatar creation technology. The Porto-based company can create accurate digital clones in just 60 seconds, making avatars available for gaming, the metaverse and other digital spaces. 

Didimo’s quick, cost-effective avatar creation platform is a standout in the industry and this latest funding round of $7m led by Armilar Venture Partners is secured to help achieve scale for the company.  Now in growth mode, we expect our personal avatars to will be coming to screens really soon.

Citalid Cybersecurity 

CEO & Co-Founder – Maxime Cartan

COO & Co-Founder – Alexandre Dieulangard 

Citalid cybersecurity is a united cyber-risk management platform that works with data-backed probabilities and insight-driven suggestions with the goal to turn cybersecurity into business value. 

The French company secured the latest Series A tech funding rounds of $12 Million led by Seventure Partners, bringing its total to $45.2 Million in a strong show of faith from investors. Cybersecurity is an increasing concern for many companies all over the world, and complete solutions like the one Citalid cybersecurity offers stand to grow exponentially over the next years. 

Settlemint was one of the most interesting tech funding rounds of the week
(Settlemint founders Matthew Van Niekerk & Roderik van der Veer. Credit: Settlemint) 


CEO & Co-Founder – Matthew Van Niekerk

COO & Co-Founder – Roderik van der Veer

Settlemint makes it easy to build, develop and deploy Web3 and low-code blockchain applications. The company helps other entities integrate blockchain-based apps offering blockchain platform solutions as a service. 

Belgium-based Settlemint successfully secured a Series A funding round of $16 million last week, led by blockchain-focused VC Medici Ventures and which will be used for the expansion of the company in several markets like Europe, India, the Middle East and Japan. Settlemint also expects to add over 60 new team members to help the expansion and improve its product.

Series B


CEO & Founder – Mike Wiacek

Stairwell is a cybersecurity solutions provider that offers clients an inception platform that cyber attackers can’t detect or avoid. It works by treating all files under suspicion of attack and keeping them as evidence speeding up threat detection and uncovering possible dangers. 

Last week the company received a $45 Million  Series A funding round led by VC fund Section 32, bringing its total raised to date to $69.7 million. This latest investment will be used to scale the company’s best-selling product, Inception. 

Stairwell’s platform has received significant international VC support and funding for its cybersecurity products, make these guys a high-growth proposition.


CEO & Co-Founder – Eytan Bensoussan

COO & Co-Founder – Justin Adler

NorthOne is a digital bank for small businesses offering tech solutions for business banking. Founded in 2016 the fintech company has received its biggest funding round to date, securing $67 Million in investment with participation from multiple VCs and investors. 

The Toronto-based company ended up moving its headquarters to New York to better serve its US clientele and expand the business. NorthOne serves mostly clients with small companies of less than 10 employees and will use this latest funding to expand the offering for capital and credit products.  

Digital banking is on the rise in both personal and business formats with the hope of fintech revolutionizing and making finances more easy and accessible to all. 

Homa Games

CEO & Co-Founder – Daniel Nathan

CRO & Co-Founder – Olivier Le Bas 

Homa Games is a game-creation platform that helps studies and creators build and publish mobile games. The company uses data insights to create games that are positioned to become hits on Google Play and the App Store. 

Since its foundation in 2018, the company has amassed incredible numbers, with 80 games launched and over 1 million downloads in its short history. The fast-paced growth has paid off and just last week it secured massive funding of $100 Million from Quadrille Capital and Headline. 

Paris-based Homa Games is now looking to expand to the world of Web3 and NFT’s. 


CEO & Co-Founder – Éléna Poincet 

CTO & Co-Founder – Laurent Oudot

TEHTRIS offers an advanced cybersecurity platform that uses AI, a behavioural analysis engine and a threat database, to create augmented and automated solutions. Its most popular product is a cyber security detection and neutralization system that can act without human intervention. 

Its latest funding round secured $44 Million in financing led by Jolt Capital all of it will go to continue the accelerated growth pace with TEHTRIS expecting to add 300 new people to its teams and boost innovation and sales. 

The company already has a strong presence in 120 countries and this investment will most likely further enhance its presence in global cybersecurity markets. 

Katana was one of the most interesting tech funding rounds of the week
(Katana Founders Kristjan Vilosius, Priit Kaasik, and Hannes Kert. Credit Katana)


CEO & Co-Founder – Kristjan Vilosius

CTO & Co-Founder – Priit Kaasik 

COO & Co-Founder – Hannes Kert

Katana provides businesses with manufacturing and inventory software to build their ideas into business. The Estonia-based company has the tools and customer support necessary to bring manufacturing to life for its clients. 

Last week in a Series B funding round led by Northzone the company secured an additional $35 Million to its growth budget, bringing the total to date to $51 Million. Katana, which has already scaled up from 7 to 120 employees, will use this tech funding rounds to further evolve its plug-and-play platform by adding better accounting integrations and increasing its offering of software services. 


CEO & Co-Founder – Roy Dagan

CTO & Co-Founder – Raanan Lidji

Securithings offer a solution to safely automate, unify and consolidate IoT device use across departments. The company does this with its signature product, Horizon, a platform made to safely host all things IoT. 

Tel Aviv-based Securithings announced last week a Series B funding of $21 Million led by U.S. Venture Partners. The company expects to grow in capabilities plus talent with the injection of capital and is proud to be a diverse workplace where 40% of leadership and talent are women. 

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for this company with the ever-expanding world of IoT devices coming into the ecosystem and tech funding rounds to come. 

Special Mention 


CEO & Co-Founder – Priit Lepasepp 

CFO – Lili Kirikal 

Sunly is s renewable energy company that develops green energy projects and has multiple renewable energy portfolio holdings. It is a growing figure in the European renewables industry, especially in the Baltic region. 

The company announced its biggest and most significant funding to date with €200 Million coming from its new European partner Mirova, to build more infrastructure and expand its activities in Poland and the Baltics. 

One of the biggest funding rounds in Europe and definitely an eye-catching show of confidence from investors in Sunly.

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