Alex Housley's Seldon is part of the highlighted AI funding rounds of the week
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Funding Rounds March 20 
We see these journeys as an inspiration, offering insights to other founders, startups and innovators.
Mary Superlano

Every week we highlight new funding successes from companies bringing about change in their industries.  We amplify the voice of companies delivering on tech innovation whilst also utilizing remote work, or being clear on the importance of D&I to their brand. All ingredients that focus on when selecting the best of the last 7 days. 

We see these journeys as an inspiration, offering insights to other founders, startups and innovators looking to evolve their stories into something extraordinary.  We know the hard work behind these accomplishments and always seek to recognise and applaud those involved from leadership and founders and their entire teams. 

Congratulations to all the founders and teams! 

Series B 


CEO & Co-Founder – Peter Keenan 

CSO & Co-Founder – Rodney Bain

Apexx is a fintech startup that consolidates payment providers into a single platform for enterprise-level clients. This helps companies see all their transaction, payments and reports in one place. 

London-based Apexx is a payment solution that has taken off with a boost already having important partnerships with Ryanair, Revlon and others. The company just secured an additional $25 Million in Series B funding led by previous and new investors. Including MMC Ventures, Alliance Ventures and more. 

New funds will be used to continue product development enabling more payment options, and to expand its New York office and presence in North America. Apexx solutions are already trusted by many, and the company is putting its money into a steady growth strategy and tackling a huge market! 

Adept AI

CEO & Co-Founder – David Luan

Product and Operations & Co-Founder – Kelsey Schroeder

Adept AI is building a machine learning model that can interact with everything on your computer from organizing a meeting to adding people to a calendar and way more! Adept AI is building a tool that can use any type of software on your command. 

Adept AI just secured the biggest rank on our highlight and an impressive number altogether. A Series B AI funding round led by General Catalyst and co-led by Spark Capital, of $350 Million will be used for product innovation, training and team expansion as the company prepares for its debut release. 

San Francisco-based Adept AI general intelligence’s first product will be the ACT-1, which they are aiming will be able to use any software, API and site you can access on your computer for you. Automating tasks and allowing users to collaborate with their computers. The future of AI is knocking at our doors! 


CEO & Founder – Alex Housley

Seldon is an Artificial Intelligence startup that uses data-centric Machine Learning for the innovation, development and management of other ML models. Making it easier for ML engineering teams to go from the research and development phases to production. 

London-based Seldon just signed a $20 Million Series B AI funding round led by Portuguese VC fund Bright Pixel Capital, plus other existing investors. The new funds will go towards strengthening in-suite AI features, products and customer success. 

Seldon is in a constant chase for innovation teaming up with Cambridge University to work on advancing its technology, and enviable partner for development. An ML for ML’s another sign of the immense growth opportunities within AI. 

Series A 

Outside of AI funding we will find companies like Zedify still succeeding in raising capital for growth
(Zedify’s sustainable network delivering handles ‘first and last mile’ delivery. Source: Zedify)


CEO & Co-Founder – Rob King

CSO & Co-Founder – Sam Keam

Zedify is a sustainable delivery company that uses an electric-powered bike network to make last-mile deliveries. The company focuses on ‘first and last-mile’ delivery services in urban areas, replacing C02-emitting vehicles with electric bikes. 

Cambridge-based Zedify just received a Series A funding round of 5 Million led by Barclays Sustainable Impact Capital and other investors. The company will use the funds to finance its scale-up plans which include adding more locations for its services. 

Zedify’s expansion will start in Birmingham and Manchester, plus they are expecting to more than double its current workforce adding over 120 positions in the UK. The company is aiming at making its services available to almost 20% of the UK population by working in the biggest cities in the region. 



CEO & Co-Founder – Eran Seger 

CTO & Co-Founder – Kirill Pevzner

Protai is a pharmaceutical startup that uses proteomics and Artificial Intelligence to power drug discovery and biological innovation. The platform facilitates drug discovery and treatment advancement for complex diseases. 

Tel-Aviv-based Protai secured AI funding seed investment last week of $20 Million. Participants include new investors  Maj Invest Equity Fund and existing investors Pitango HealthTech and Grove Ventures. 

New funds will be used for the creation, development and innovation of its oncology research arm as well as expanding data acquisition. AI’s immense reach is touching almost all areas of technology and could be key in creating not only better tech, but improving life for all! 

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