Adept AI team can celebrate one the highlighted funding rounds of the week
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Funding Rounds we admired from the last 7 days 
We see these journeys as an inspiration, offering insights to other founders, startups and innovators.
Mary Superlano

Every week we highlight new funding successes from companies bringing about change in their industries.  We amplify the voice of companies delivering on tech innovation whilst also utilizing remote work, or being clear on the importance of D&I to their brand. All ingredients that focus on when selecting the best of the last 7 days. 

We see these journeys as an inspiration, offering insights to other founders, startups and innovators looking to evolve their stories into something extraordinary.  We know the hard work behind these accomplishments and always seek to recognise and applaud those involved from leadership and founders and their entire teams. 

Congratulations to all the founders and teams! 

Series A 


CEO & Co-Founder – Anthony Mironov

CTO & Co-Founder – Greg Franczyk

Wingspan is a purpose-built payroll platform for independent workers, allowing contractors and flexible workers to accelerate and manage payments. It also makes it easier for companies to work with independent providers at a larger scale. 

New York-based Wingspans just raised an additional $14 Million Series A investment led by Andreessen Horowitz, bringing its total funding to $23.5 Million. The company is looking to use funds to expand its talent pool and continue developing its platform. 

The company launched in 2019 and has found a steady growth pace as many professionals choose to become independent workers. Wingspan is expected to surpass the one billion in payments mark before the end of 2023 and already has substantial enterprise clients. All signs point to growth for Wingspan! 


CEO & Co-Founder – Tal Mozes

COO & Co-Founder – Ariel Parnes

Mitiga is a solution provider and leader for cloud and SaaS security, offering a subscription-based service for companies looking to increase safety in their cloud operations. 

Tel Aviv-based Mitiga just closed an important $45 Million Series A round led by ClearSky Security with participation from Samsung Next and other previous investors. News funds will be used to accelerate growth initiatives and meet increasing market needs. 

Mitiga’s unique and modern way of approaching cloud security uses what they call “forensics as code” to hunt for attacks in the forensics data, reducing damages and response times. Companies have moved operations to the cloud at neck-breaking speed and now need the tools to catch up on security and keep operating. Mitiga’s signature work could set it apart and on the scale-up path. 


CEO & Co-Founder – Simon Kalouche

Nimble is a robotics innovator and manufacturer that builds AI-powered robotics to pack and manipulate anything. Creating a more efficient, sustainable and fast order fulfilment chain. 

San Francisco-based Nimble closed a significant Series A round of $65 Million led by Cedar Pine with participation from other investors. This brings their total funding to $115 Million. Nimble will launch a 3PL fulfilment service. 

Nimble’s robotics are AI-enhanced and can integrate into production lines without modification to the WMS/WCS. Their technology can help smaller e-commerce operation automate their warehouses with Nimbles robots. Another arm of the AI revolution begins to flex its power.

Series B 

Adept AI team can celebrate one the highlighted funding rounds of the week

Adept AI 

CEO & Co-Founder – David Luan

Adept AI is a research and product innovation AI-focused company that hopes to build and create an AI future that centres around users. Creating “general intelligence” to allow humans and computers to collaborate. 

San Francisco-based AdeptAI closed a significant $350M in new funding as part of our Series B led by General Catalyst and co-led by Spark Capital. The new funds will be used to continue innovation research, product development, launches and talent onboarding.

The fast-paced advancement of AI has seen a million opportunities created, and leaders in the niche will be responsible for steering this revolutionising technology towards collaboration and improvement. We can’t wait to see what Adept AI brings to the table! 

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