Paretos founders are parts of the most interesting startup funding rounds of the week
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Founding Rounds we admired this week
The most eye catching Seed, A and B rounds, during the last week
Mary Superlano

We continue to highlight and celebrate the companies that have conquered new funding rounds. All of these are shining examples of the journey to growth, each in a different tech niche but with a comparable desire to innovate. 

An incredible week for European early stage! 8 start-ups with over £65 million invested at Seed stage.

Awesome news for innovation in locations as diverse as Antwerp, Heidelberg and Solingen.

Congratulations to all the Founding teams! 🍾

Seed Funding Rounds


CEO & Co-Founder – Oren Charnoff

COO & Co-Founder – Abraham Lucey

Fondue is an eCommerce platform that helps online businesses drive profit by replacing coupons with cashback options and driving profit at the same time. This seed stage startup is split between Tel Aviv and New York and just secured a $10.5 Million investment led by Quiet Capital and Hanaco Ventures.  We have a feeling this could be a big idea!

Sequence HQ 

CEO & Co-Founder – Riya Grover

CTO/CPO – Matt Collinge

London based Sequence is breaking ground on new FinOps stacks for B2B companies creating tools that enhance pricing, billing and financial services. The company has grabbed some influential VC’s and secured significant seed funding rounds of £16.6 Million ($19 Million) spearheaded by American VC firm Andreessen Horowitz.


CEO & Co-Founder  – Sebastian Almnes  

CTO – Tomas Veiden 

Sales management platform Presail hopes to empower simple, secure and straightforward sales processes through its software and web service. The Oslo founded company received a seed funding round last week of $3.8 Million led by SNÖ Ventures with participation from other funds.  Good luck to Presail as they take on established players in this space. 

Paretos is part of the Founding Rounds we admired this week
Paretos Founders – Thorsten Heilig and Fabian Rang. Source: Paretos


CEO & Co-Founder – Thorsten Heilig

CTO & Co-Founder – Fabian Rang

Germany based Paretos brings AI decision-making intelligence, including forecasting and trade-off scenarios, to companies to help them make data-backed choices. Paretos is one of Germany’s fastest-growing startups with just two years in operation, and last week it received a $10 Million seed funding led by LEA Ventures.


CEO & Co-Founder – Benjamin Wilms

CTO & Co-Founder – Dennis Schulte

Steadybit is making reliability and chaos engineering available for tech companies to increase time effectiveness. Founded in 2019 the platform’s goal is to increase resilience and reduce downtime on the systems it works on. Last week the company, headquartered in Germany, received seed funding led by Boldstart Ventures of €7.8 Million. This could one to keep an eye on as it is a highly technical and valuable asset for many tech teams 


CEO & Co-Founder – Piet Buyck  

CTO – Geert-Jan Van Den Bogaerde

Garvis provides companies with AI-based consumer behaviour predictions for planning and optimization. Their mission is, in their own words, to create the world’s first Bionic Demand Planning system”. Antwerp based Garvis received a Seed funding of $3.5 Million last week led by Superseed Capital, Scalebridge Capital, and Bosch Ventures. The company is scaling fast and we are predicting an exciting future for Garvis!


CEO & Co-Founder – Florent Liagre

Co-Founder – Franck Asseray

Obat offers SaaS solutions for the digital management of construction projects from customer relations to personnel management. Last week the Paris based company received a €6 Million seed investment from Truffle Capital, Evolem and Holnest. The funds will be focused on evolving the development of the company’s fast paced growth.  

Instant Commerce 

CEO & Co-Founder – Coen van Hees

CTO & Co-Founder – Doeke Leeuwis

Instant Commerce is providing management solutions for eCommerce brands evolving online shopping experiences for consumers. The Amsterdam founded company just closed a €7.5 Million seed investment with HV Capital and others, that will fund the expansion of the Instant Commerce team and enable new product innovations. 

Series A Funding Rounds


Co-Founder & Managing Director – Dr. Lisa Smith

Co-Founder & Managing Director – Harald Nitschinger

Prewave offers predictions on supply chain sustainability and risk assessments using machine learning by monitoring and studying social media activity. The Austrian startup closed a Series A funding round of $10.5 Million last week led by KOMPAS and Ventech. The investment comes after a really impressive year where Prewave increased revenue by ten-fold, grew in size and proved to be on a journey to success with clients like BMW, Porsche and more.


CEO & Co-Founder – Hermann Frank

Co-Founder – Dennis Bauer

Gigs allows companies to offer phone and data plans for mobile devices like smartphones and wearables from a user-friendly API and manage all in one platform. Last week they received a Series A funding of $20 Million led by Google’s early stage fund Gradient. The money is expected to go into covering what they say is “a growing demand” and scaling up the team and capabilities. 

Immortal Game

CEO & Co-Founder – Thomas Zaepffel 

CTO & Co-Founder – David Cingala

Immortal Game is bringing chess into the digital age transforming it into a web3 experience complete with NFTs, rewards, quests, events a marketplace and more. The company obtained a $12 Million investment led by TCG Crypto and hopes to capitalize on the current popularity of chess online, realising new game modes and building championship leagues. 


CEO & Co-Founder – Pukar Hamal

VP Marketing – Alexandra Kane

Securitypal helps companies increase the speed at which they can tackle security reviews so they can reduce breaks in revenue and production. The company stepped out of stealth mode last week and announced a funding round of $21 Million led by Craft Ventures. Even in stealth, it gathered the trust of bigger companies like Figma, Loom and Monday, all of which used the platform for their own security reviews. 

Braylon is parts of the Founding Rounds we admired this week
Brelyon immersive screen. Source: Brelyon


CEO & Co-Founder – Dr. Barmak Heshmat 

CTO & Co-Founder –  Alok Mehta, PhD 

Breylon is an immersive monitor producer that aims to enhance displays and immersive experiences for gaming and enterprise purposes. The California based company closed a Series A funding investment led by giant Lockheed Martin and MIT-affiliated fund E14. Breylon is an MIT spin-off itself and one that’s growing quickly, having just shown its first monitor at the CES event in Vegas in January of this year. 


CEO & Co-Founder – Hans Kayaert

CTO & Co-Founder – Bart Van Remortele 

Loctax offers first-ever global tax solutions for in house tax teams in companies operating worldwide to assure full compliance on all tax aspects. The London based company received funding led by local investment fund Index Ventures. Loctax is using the funding rounds to further develop the platform, increase its presence across the UK and EU, and solidify partnerships.

Series B Funding Rounds


CEO & Co-Founder – Joseph Quan

Head of Growth – Connor Swofford

Knoetic is an online platform with tools for Chief People Officer to obtain people analytics and insights from integrating HR systems, plus create connections with a wider CPO community. The New York company has raised an impressive $36 Million led by EQT Ventures. Knoetic can already count on big tech names as clients including Calm, Credit Karma and more.


CEO & Co-Founder – Milena Berry

President & Co-Founder – Katharine Zaleski

New York based PowerToFly platform is committed to empowering diversity, inclusion and transparency in the work environment through digital tools like virtual events and remote jobs. PowerToFly connects talent to growth opportunities efforts and received a Series B funding of $30 Million spearheaded by  Expansion Capital, a group of investment funds managed by Morgan Stanley. The company hopes to use the funds to create a membership portal for HR leaders and continue expansion in other areas. 


CEO & Co-Founder – Jaime Jorge

COO – Joao Rosario

Codacy is a tool aimed at saving developers time by automating code reviews and code quality monitoring. Portuguese based Codacy is one of the oldest startups on this list founded a decade ago, it has seen the exponential rise of coding needs. According to Codify founder Jaime Jorge, the tool decreased dev time spent on review by up to 60%

Dataguard is part of the Founding Rounds we admired this week
Dataguard Founders – Kivanc Semen and Thomas Reiger. Source: Dataguard


Co-CEO & Co-Founder – Kivanc Semen

Co-CEO & Co-Founder – Thomas Regier

DataGuard is an all-in-one privacy, security and compliance platform that covers companies’ needs in this area in an end-to-end format. The Munich founded startup has seen a triple rate of growth and secured a €61 million Series funding round B investment from Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital and One Peak. 

Theorycraft Games

CEO & Co-Founder – Joe Tung

COO & Co-Founder – Areeb Pirani

Theorycraft Games is a fully remote independent video game studio working in game development and creation. This latest Series B funding of $50 Million was led by the Makers Fund and is a significant boost to the company that’s already working on their first title codenamed Loki. Theorycraft Games hopes to attract top talent to create competitive titles with its independent and remote working environment plus exciting new projects. 


CEO & Co-Founder – Marjella Lecourt-Alma

COO – Jean-Philippe Lecourt

Datamaran is an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risk management software platform provisioning high-quality business intelligence. The London and Valencia based company received its latest Series B round led by US-based firm Fortive with plans to further develop the product and expand into the US market.  


CEO & Co-Founder – Matej Štefančič

COO – Bostjan Bozic

Trapview provides farmers pest control solutions based on IoT and AI tools to empower healthy crops and sustainable agriculture practices. Slovenia founded Trapview secured $14.4 Million in a double investment funding round with $14.4 Million from a Series B funding round led by European Circular Bioeconomy Fund (ECBF), Italy’s Oltre Ventures, Demeter, and Pymwymic. The new funding will be used to accelerate Trapview’s presence in Brazil, the US and Europe.

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