Florian Hirsch, Benjamin Michel, Alexander Michel, and Sandro Sonntag are the people behind Finanzguru one of the AI startups funding last week
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Funding rounds we admired from the last 7 days
We see these journeys as an inspiration, offering insights to other founders, startups and innovators.
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Every week we highlight new funding successes from companies bringing about change in their industries.  We amplify the voice of companies delivering on tech innovation whilst also utilizing remote work, or being clear on the importance of D&I to their brand. All ingredients that talent.ai focus on when selecting the best of the last 7 days. This time showing a huge growth for AI startup funding.

We see these journeys as an inspiration, offering insights to other founders, startups and innovators looking to evolve their stories into something extraordinary.  We know the hard work behind these accomplishments and always seek to recognise and applaud those involved from leadership and founders and their entire teams. 

Congratulations to all the founders and teams! 



CEO & Co-Founder – Jonathan Dambrot 

COO-CRO & Co-Founder – Felix Knoll 

Cranium is an AI startup for security and trust platform, provident safety solutions for artificial intelligence’s   pipelines and related technology. 

New Jersey-based Cranium is a spinoff from KPMG, born out of the KPMG Studio accelerator, and looking to tackle looming security threads in a fast-developing AI market. The company is starting with a $7 Million Seed round led by KPMG and SYN Ventures.

Cranium works by mapping AI pipelines and working with security threats head-on, and its founders believe in the immense potential of developing within the security niche in AI. The explosion of AI is opening a space for many companies to innovate and grow.

Series A

Glider AI 

CEO & Co-Founder – Satish Kumar

Glider AI startup is an artificial intelligence-powered HR and hiring solution provider for enterprise needs and at-scale hiring. The company covers everything from screen bots to coding interviews. 

California-based Glider AI just closed a Series A raise of $10 Million led by Primera Capital with participation from other investors. The money will be used for developing its own technology, plus team and business expansion plans. 

Glider automates most of the candidate outreach and hopes to boost culture fits with its AI proprietary technology.  Despite rocky times in tech, with layoffs and more sober investment rounds, the talent gap is very present and hiring is still key for success. 

Series B 


CEO & Co-Founder – Laurel Taylor

Candidly is an AI-powered financial wellness platform focusing on helping with student debt management. It also provides tools to build savings and plan for retirement. 

New York-based Candidly just secured an additional $20.5 Million Series B led by Altos Ventures to fund its mission to help millions manage student debt and start building savings. The platform is coming from a record-breaking 10x revenue growth! 

Candidly will use new funds to meet market needs, and keep the pace of its scale-up plans. Most young professional Americans are dealing with some form of student debt and government actions on the subject are regular, so having one platform to manage everything from can be a financial game-changer for so many of them! 

Finanzguru's fintech AI startup funding added a €13 million series b investment last week
(From Finanzguru Florian Hirsch, Benjamin Michel, Alexander Michel, Sandro Sonntag. Source: Finanazguru)


Co-CEO & Co-Founder – Benjamin Michel  

Co-CEO & Co-Founder – Alexander Michael

Finanzguru is an AI startup that provides a financial assistance platform that allows users to manage all their banking accounts and contracts from one place. Making finance decisions easier and more manageable for everyday users. 

Frankfurt-based Finanzguru raised a €13 Million Series B round led by SCOR Ventures and PayPal Ventures. The company has reached €27 Million in total funding and is poised to scale up steadily. 

Finanzguru is one of the fastest-growing financial startups in Germany and will use new funds to cement its positioning in the country, plus expand its products and teams. 

Series C


CEO & Co-Founder – Peter Chen

Covariant is an innovator, developer and manufacturer of AI for robotics. Its technology allows robots to see, and interact with the world around them. 

Berkeley-based Covariant closed a significant $75 Million Series C funding co-led by former investors Radical Ventures and Index Ventures, with the participation of other old and new investors. 

New funds will be allocated to developing Covariant Brain the unitary and proprietary AI technology that will drive robotics.

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